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How to get Australia

How to get to Australia

In our Australia Smart Route (Jun-Sep) o October to May every time you need a transport, we tell you which one is the best option (airplane, train, bus, car) and how to book it at cheapest rate.

Recommended search engine for Australia: SkyScanner. It includes all companies flying from Europe to Australia.

Australia by plane:

Companies that operate in major Australian cities are:

There are also regional airlines such as Rex Regional Express, which operates in New South Wales, South Australia, Tasmania and Victoria, and Air North, which operates in the Northern Territory. All have good rates and offers for domestic flights.

In the Australia Smart Route (Jun-Sep) o October to May we tell you how to reach the hotel from the airport or train station, using local trains or public transport. In case the taxi is the best mean of transport we will tell you an orientative price so that no one will cheat you.

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