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What to do and see in Cape Tribulation

Arrival to Cape Tribulation and visit to Kulki Beach:

Cape Tribulation, Australia

Brief description: Cape Tribulation is a place where the crystal clear waters of the Coral Sea merge with an authentic tropical forest. A natural wonder, since 1988 it has been a World Heritage Site. Some of the activities you can do on the cape are: visiting the beaches, going for walks, diving, snorkelling and kayaking. On the first day we recommend doing the ...

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Botanical Walk:

Botanical Walk

Brief description: of all the paths in Cape Tribulation and Daintree River we recommend taking the Botanical Walk: a 30-minute walk on gangplanks amidst tropical forest vegetation. Signs along the path explain what you are seeing. How to get there: take the Cape Tribulation main road south. After 10 minutes you'll see signs on the right. Keep your eyes peeled for ...

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From Cairns to Cape Tribulation (140km / 87mi):

De cairns a Cape Tribulation, Australia

Brief description: on the way to Cape Tribulation you can stop and visit the most famous beaches and towns to the north of Cairns. We recommend stopping in: Palm Cove: good beach and good atmosphere. Ellis Beach: good beach. Port Douglas: good restaurants and where Australia's famous spend the summer! How to get there: take Captain Cook Highway ...

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From Cape Tribulation to Cairns (202km, 125mi):

Come back to Cairns using the interior route, which is more scenic and diverse. Take the main road down to the South. After Mossman, you'll see a fork in the road with Captain Cook Highway to the left and Mossman Mount Mollow Road to the right. Take Mossman Mount Mollow Road and continue on it until you come to Mount Molloy first, Quaids Dam next, and finally Mareeba. ...

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From Cape Tribulation to Mission Beach:

De Cape Tribulation a Mission Beach, Australia

There are two routes for going from Cape Tribulation to Mission Bay. We recommend the interior route, but if you're tired of driving or want to spend more time in Cape Tribulation, take the more direct coastal route. Interior route: more scenic and diverse. You can visit waterfalls along the way but it's longer and has lots of curves. Including stops, it takes 7-8 ...

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