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Where to stay: Hotels in Hervey Bay

Recommended hotel in Hervey Bay:

  • Smart Choice: Friendly Hostel.
  • Smart Link: book online at the website.
  • Price: 57 AU$ (approx. 40€-30£) double room with shared facilities. If you are 6 or more, you can rent the apartments from 145AU$ (95€ - 80€) per night.  
  • Address: 182 Torquay Rd, Hervey Bay, QLD 4655, Australia. Telephone calls free inside Australia: 1800 244 107.
  • How to get there: if you arrive by bus, call the hotel when you get in and they'll come and pick you up free of charge (08.00 to 19.00, otherwise take a taxo for 10 AU$). If you fly, take the airport shuttle, which for 10 AU$ per person stops at the hostel (tell the driver the name). If you are a group of 3 or more, take a limousine for 18 AU$ (ask the hotel to make a reservation for you).
  • Description: as the activities in Hervey Bay are expensive, we recommend saving money on lodging. This hostel, in addition to having good installations and services, also has free bicycles and internet. It's a very good deal for this area.
  • See Friendly Hostel at TripAdvisor.

Other recommended hotels in Hervey Bay:

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