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Transportation to Magnetic Island:

  • Brief description: when Captain Cook sailed by the island, his compass had a deviation. Nobody has ever been able to explain why, but you only have to be on the island for a short time to realize that there is something magical or magnetic about the place! It's a small island with lots of beaches and coves that on their own justify a visit. But what make it famous are the eucalyptus forests where koalas live in total freedom!
  • How to get there: from Mission Beach, take Tully Mission Beach Road, heading towards Tully. After 20 km, pick up Bruce Highway (A1) south towards Townsville. When you get to Townsville (approx. 3h15min.), go to the port in South Townsville and look for the Fantasea terminal on Ross Street (there are signs). Here take the ferry to Magnetic Island (20 minutes).