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Arrival to Cape Tribulation and visit to Kulki Beach:

Cape Tribulation, Australia

  • Brief description: Cape Tribulation is a place where the crystal clear waters of the Coral Sea merge with an authentic tropical forest. A natural wonder, since 1988 it has been a World Heritage Site. Some of the activities you can do on the cape are: visiting the beaches, going for walks, diving, snorkelling and kayaking. On the first day we recommend doing the Kulki-Cape Tribulation walk. This wooden path leads to one of the most spectacular beaches in the world. Be alert: since the path runs close to the mouth of the Daintree River, crocodiles have been spotted here. Pay close attention to the signs to see if swimming is permitted or not. The walk itself, lying in the sun and arriving to the lookout at the end of the beach make it worth the trip!
  • How to get there: follow the road to north until you reach the Daintree River. Here you'll have to take the ferry that crosses the river and then continue along the Daintree coast to Cape Tribulation. This river is a crocodile estuary, so with some luck you'll see more than one during the crossing. When you get to Cape Tribulation, on the same road, you'll see a sign on the right for the Kulki-Cape Tribulation Walk. You can go before or after checking in at the hotel. Whatever works best for you!
  • Length: ferry to Cape Tribulation 1 hour, plus at least another hour at the beach.
  • Cost: the ferry is 26 AU$ round trip.