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From Melbourne to Port Campbell on the Great Ocean Road (283km / 176mi):

Great Ocean Road

  • Brief description: panoramic road that leaves Melbourne and runs south along the Australian coast. Very famous for the natural beauty of the coast and beaches for surfing. But, in comparison with the tropical waters of Queensland, the water is icy cold! We recommend stopping along the way at a beach or two for a walk and watching the surfers.
    • Don't miss Bells Beach (the beach for surfing par excellence). 
    • Before you come to Port Campbell and after Princetown, you'll see the 12 Apostles: twelve enormous rocks that rise up to 70 metres from the ocean. Follow the signs and you'll see various lookouts offering the best views. From there, you can also enjoy the views of Gibson Steps on the other side.
    • If you keep going by car, just after Port Campbell is The Arch and London Bridge, which are also worth a stop and a photo. Close by, there is a Visitor Center (follow signs), they will give you a free map of the area.
  • Length of the route: including stops about 8 hours (all day).