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Visit to Kings Canyon:

Kings Canyon, Australia

  • Brief description: Kings Canyon is a large canyon in the middle of the desert formed thousands of years ago by the flow of water. The landscapes visible while walking through the canyon are absolutely stunning. We recommend Canyon Walk, a circular trail around 6 km long (approx/ 3-4 hours) that takes you from the top of the canyon to the Garden of Eden, with streams and a pond along the way. Take water and something to eat for the hike. Appropriate footwear is a must. Close to the hotel is a viewpoint for watching the sunset. It's worth visiting for the best views.
  • Notice: when the temperature is too high, the park is closed at 11.00. Should this happen the day you go, do not worry. Go to bed early and wake up at 06.00 the next morning. You'll be able to do the walk before you leave for Ayers Rock. 
  • Cost of visit: free.
  • How to get there: 15 minutes by car from Kings Canyon Resort, where we recommend you stay. Clearly marked. 

Kings Canyon Abajo, Australia