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How to get around Milan

From Verona to Milan stopping in Lake Como:

Our recommendation is to rent a car so you can go from Verona to Milan stopping in Lake Como (see more details in the transportation tab).

From Verona, take the A4 in the direction of Milan. After about 112 km, take the Dalmine exit towards Via delle Valli/SS470dir. Carry on in the direction of Lecco and continue along the road that borders the lake until Bellagio (2h30min to get there). From Bellagio, take the road that skirts the lake to the west and it will take you about 1h to reach Como. The road is pretty narrow and full of bends but the views are worth it so take it calmly. From Como, follow the signs for Milan (A4 and A8). Calculate an hour to reach the city centre. In total, 12€ in tolls.