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What to eat and drink in Italy

What to eat and drink in Italy:

In Italy people are used to having lunch early, so it is a good idea to get to a restaurant by 14.00 at the latest as some places will not let you in after that time. There are no such timetable problems when going for dinner.

Pasta dishes tend to be on the large side, so it is advisable to choose some sort of antipasto (starter) and then a first course of pasta or a second of meat or fish.

Among the antipastos there are some very typical fried ones:

  • Suplí: is a rice and tomato croquette with a mozzarella filling
  • Fiore di Zucca: they are marrow leaves filled with mozzarella and anchovy (in some places they do not make it with anchovy)
  • Carciofa a la giudia: is a whole artichoke which is immersed in very hot oil which makes the leaves really crispy

With regard to beer (birra), our favourite is Nastro Azzurro, although Birra Moretti is also an emblematic brew.