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Where to stay: Hotels in Naples

Recommended hotel in Naples:

In Naples, having a centric and well communicated hotel is extremely important. The cheapest hotels we recommend you are well located although not in main streets. All the others are located in main streets.

Smart Choice: Hotel Correra 24

  • Smart Link: Book directly in the hotel's website.
  • Price: 65-80€ double room breakfast included (approx. £60-75)
  • Address: Via Correra 241 - 80135 Napoli (see map) 
  • Tel: +
  • Fax: +
  • email:
  • How to get there: By car: From the highway get in "TANGENZIALE" and follow the direction to Capodimonte exit "Uscita Capodimonte". Follow towards Corso Amedeo di Savoia and then for Via Santa Teresa degli Scalzi. Once arrived at the second cross with traffic lights take a right turn in Via Salvator Rosa, and follow up the first cross. Take a left turn and take the street between the newsstand with a written " IL MATTINO" and the Arabian restaurant called â??ARABIAN FOODâ?. You will find the parking at n° 29 in the street on your right, inside a red building in which there's P AUTO written. Leave the garage and after 90 meters on the left you will find the Hotel Correra 241. If you have got a GPS, set first Via Salvator Rosa and then Via Francesco Saverio Correra, if you donâ??t want to get a fine getting inside a pedestrian street! (21€/day). By train: the Museo metro stop.
  • Description: Recently refurbished in a very modern and colourful way. It is pretty central although in a narrow street which might seem a bit off-putting. Don´t be afraid! These are the real streets of Naples. The entrance is a bit strange, although you then come to a very quiet central patio where you can escape the bustle of Naples. There is a buffet-style breakfast which is served on an inside terrace.
  • See Hotel Correra 241 at TripAdvisor.

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