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Where to eat: Rome Restaurants

Dining at the historic part of Rome:

To get your Italian trip off to a good start, we recommend that you go for dinner at Maccheroni (Piazza delle Coppelle, 44), one of Rome´s most famous restaurants. This is one of the best places to eat mozzarella in all Rome. Make a reservation in advance, above all at weekends (Tel. 06 68307895 or by email: To get there take the ...

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Dinner at Trastevere:

For dinner, you should try the legendary Da Augusto, in the Piazza di Renzi 15, with its famous pasta a caccio e peppe. It opens from 12.30-15.00 and 20.00-23.00 all days. Around 15-20€ per person. If you can´t get a table (it is usually packed) another good option is the terrace of the Antica Trattoria da Carlone, on the Via de la Luce 5 (close to the Ponte Cestio ...

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Dinner near Piazza Navona:

For dinner, we suggest the Pizzeria da Baffetto, on the Vía del Governo Vecchio 114 (close to Piazza Navona). People queue up to get one of their pizzas! In front there is an ice-cream parlour, Frigidarium, where for 2-3€ you can try the most fantastic ice-creams. Go for the chocolate-orange. If you prefer, the Brasería Ristorante La Base (via Cavour 274/276) ...

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Lunch near Piazza Navona:

At this stage of the route you will be worn out! You can have a plate of pasta near Piazza Navona to recharge your batteries. Our choice is the Mimi e Coco restaurant (Via del Governo Vecchio 72). If there are a lot of people, the service might be a little slow, but take it easy and enjoy the rest. The food is good and the location is great, near the Piazza Navona, but ...

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Lunch near Coliseum:

The visits to the Coliseum and the Foro Romano are usually pretty tiring, especially in summer, because you will have walked so much. Our suggestion is to head back to the hotel to rest for a few hours. To return you can take the bus 63 from Piazza Venecia to Tritone-Fontana di Trevi (16 min and 1,5€). Once you exit the bus turn left to Via dei Due Macelli and you'll ...

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Best bars and places to have aperitive in Rome

In the whole area around piazza Novona you can find several places to have a beer or a glass of wine after dinner. It is also a good neighborhood to have the typical Italian aperitif. Below we give you our recommendations for the best bars in Rome. Here are the best places to have an aperitif before dinner: Enoteca Bortone: the smallest of all but also the most ...

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