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Where to stay in Italy

Our recommended hotels:

If use our routes, on the tab of each day you will find our recommended hotel for that city or town, with basic information about the establishment and where to reserve it at the best price. They are our Smart Choice, the best combination of charm, price and location.

In addition, for each location we will indicate a short list of other recommended hotels, in case our Smart Choice is not available, or in the event that you prefer something cheaper or higher level:
  • Basic Choice Hotels: maintaining good value for money, hotels are generally cheaper than our Smart Choice.
  • Premium Choice Hotels: although more expensive than our Smart Choice, they offer a higher level of comfort.
  • Backpacker Choice Hotels: whenever possible, we also give you the cheapest option in every place, a shelter where you can reserve beds in shared rooms but with a minimum level of comfort.
In any case, if you prefer to search for a hotel by yourself, you can use our search engine, which will show you all the available hotels in the city, and where to book them at the best price: