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What to do and see in Italy

What to visit in Italy:

  • Rome: historic capital of the Roman Empire and of the current Republic. A paradise for living history, visiting ruins and enjoying superb art.
  • Venice: with its hundreds of canals is without doubt one of the world's most curious and beautiful cities.
  • Tuscany: incredible rural landscapes in this wine-growing region replete with medieval towns and with two of Italy's prettiest cities, Florence and Siena.
  • Cinque Terre: five villages perched on the cliffs of Italy's north-eastern coast.
  • Verona: the beautiful city of Romeo and Juliet.
  • The ruins of Pompey: Roman city which was buried after the terrible eruption of Vesuvius. 
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Attractions in Italy (things to do in Italy):

  • Visit the Vatican City: for Catholics, and the not so Catholic, a visit to St.Peter´s Basilica is obligatory, as is the Vatican Museum, where you can admire the majestic Sistine Chapel.
  • See opera in the open-air at the Verona Arena: a real treat for a summer´s night.
  • Dine in Porto Fino, and see the jet set close up.
  • Go shopping on the Via del Corso in Rome
  • Go to the Palio Festival in Siena, and watch the medieval madness unfold in that wonderful city.
  • Drink a glass of wine in Tuscany, on one of the pretty estates that we all dream about owning one day.
  • Share a "florentine steak", a delicious cut of ox steak that not even two people will be able to get through. A real gastronomic attraction.
  • Go for "cicchetti" around Venice, like Spanish tapas but Italian style. And without tourists...