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Where to stay: Hotels in Florence

Recommended hotel in Florence:

Florence hotels are extremely expensive (over 120€ per night). In most cases, they are old and with poor services. That is why we opt for small B&B, with a more personalized service and adjusted prices.

Smart Choice:

Other recommended hotels and B&Bs (as most of the suggestions are small B&Bs, we give you a longer than usual list so that you won´t have availability problems. In any case, they are in order of preference):

  • B&B Leopoldo: 60-100€ double room with breakfast and private bathroom (approx. £55-92). Similar in style to the Colori, but a little further away from the centre. In any case, you can reach everywhere you want by public transport. Reserve on their web. See Bed & Breakfast Leopoldo at TripAdvisor.
  • Hotel Merlini: 60-110€ double room with breakfast and private bathroom (approx. £55-100). There are rooms with shared bathrooms that work out cheaper. Very near to the historic part of the city. Book through their web. See Hotel Merlini at TripAdvisor.
  • Hotel Casci: 75-160€ double room with breakfast and private bathroom (approx. £69-148). Simple hotel but in an excellent location only a few metres from the Duomo. Reserve through their web. Sometimes, they offer a 10% off paying with cash, check on their website if your travel dates have available this offer. See Hotel Casci at TripAdvisor.

Premium Choice:

  • Hotel Davanzati: 122-252€ double room with breakfast and private bathroom (approx. £112-232). Very well situated next to the Duomo and the train station. With its classic decoration, it has all the amenities of a good hotel. The service is faultless. The best deals are at their web page. See Hotel Davanzati at TripAdvisor.

Recommended search engine for Florence: Booking.