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Where to stay: Hotels in Verona

Recommended hotel in Verona:

Hotel prices vary enormously depending on if there is a night of opera or not. We list our favourite hotels and B&Bs below with price guidelines for days with and without opera.

Smart Choice: Hotel Torcolo

  • Smart Link: enviar mail ( to ask about availability and prices.
  • Price: 75-152€  (approx. 63-126£) double room per night, breakfast not included. If you want to have breakfast at the hotel it costs 14€ per person.
  • Address: Vicolo Listone, 3, Verona (see map). Tel +39 045 8007512.
  • How to get there: 20 minutes walk from the train station so better to take a taxi (8-10€) or bus from plataform A (Marciapiede A). Nº11 -12- 13 - 51 until 20h or nº 90 - 92 - 93 - 98 after that time, in the direction of Piazza Bra. Get off at this square (where the Arena is). With the gardens in front of you, turn left towards the arches where all the restaurants are. Between Bar Listone 12 and the Ristorante 3 Corone there is a small street (vicolo Listone). You will find the hotel there after the Pizzeria Nastro Azzurro. By car: take the Verona Sur exit and continue along the Ciale del Lavoro which later becomes the Viale Piave, until you reach the Porta Nuova. Here you turn left on the Circonvallazione Oriani. Keep straight on until the second set of traffic lights and then turn right onto Corso Porta Palio street. Go straight on passing two more sets of traffic lights, past the castle and then take a right at the 6th street: Via Fratta. The hotel is at the end of the street.
  • Description: Traditional hotel in the very centre of Verona, a few steps from the Arena.
  • See Hotel Torcolo at TripAdvisor.

Other recommended hotels:

Premium choice:

Basic choice:

  • Hotel Aurora 100-200€ double room with breakfast (approx. £84-168). Basic but quite adequate hotel, very well located on the Piazza Erbe, a few metres from the Arena and in one of the areas of the city with the best atmosphere. You can book on their web page but have a look on because they sometimes have good deals. See Hotel Aurora at TripAdvisor.

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