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Where to eat: Tuscany Restaurants

Aperitivo in Siena:

Our recommendation is to go to the Piazza del Campo around 19.00 and have an aperitif in the purest Tuscan style. This consists of ordering a glass of wine which gives you access to a whole buffet of things to nibble. Our favourite place is Key Largo, in the Piazza del Campo (off the Via Rinaldini), as it has a small balcony with views onto the square. The cost of the ...

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Dinner in Siena:

No doubt, we recommend that you have dinner in the Piazza del Mercato, at the Antica Trattoria Papei restaurant. You´ll love it. Make sure you try the "Florentine steak" with chips, an authentic whopper to be shared between two. If you do not want to share or you are on your own, choose the "bistecco", which is a more normal size. The "pici o papardelle al sugo di ...

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To have lunch, we recommend having a slice of pizza at the La Trofea pizzeria, in the Piazza del Campo which leads off the Via Rinaldini. They are delicious! 2.50€ per slice. If you would rather sit down, you can try the Pizzería di Nonno Mede, in Camporegio street, number 21. Very popular with Italians, they have mouth-watering pizzas for 5-6€ and fantastic ...

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Dinner in San Gimignano:

We recommend going up to San Gimignano, as it is very pretty at night. Our recommendation, the Enoteca di Vinorum, in the Piazza della Cisterna, 30. You can try local wines by the glass and eat the famous bruschettas (similar to Vasque pinchos), affettatti (cold meats) or carpaccios. This will work out around 15-20€ per person. Very nearby in the same square is the ...

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