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How to get around Rome

How to move around Rome:

Our recommendation is to take the metro, as it is cheap, easy to use and quick. In any case, there are areas where it is better (or the only option) to walk. Besides Rome has trams, buses and trolleybuses. The later perhaps are also user-friendly, that is why we also attach you below a map. The buses have more than 300 lines and due to Rome's traffic and their way of driving you may end up getting dizzy...

In any case, there are areas for which the best (or only possible) is walking. Along the Smart Route we will be pointing out how to get here and there.

Rome has an integrated ticket for metro, bus and tram. The single-use ticket costs 1.5€ (called BIT, you can take as many buses and trams as you want with in 100 minutes; you can only ride the metro once). A full day ticket costs 7€ (valid until midnight of the same day you validate it). Rome is a city that largely you will enjoy walking so we don't recommend you to buy the full day ticket. The 3-days ticket costs 18.00€. The tickets are to be bought in the subway stations.