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Recommended books & films:

Below is a list of novels and movies we recommend reading and seeing before your trip, or even during it. They aren't travel books or never-ending historical works, but Way Away personal recommendations that will help you to enjoy your trip even more:


Venice: Any book by Donna Leon with her famous detective Brunetti will be both entertaining and an occasion for discovering how Venetians live. Buy the book Drawing Conclusions: (Brunetti) for £5.39

Naples: "Gomorra", the most famous book about the mafia by Naples native Saviano, is such a private and detailed investigation that its author has faced a constant threat of death since its publication. "The Godfather", the book by Mario Puzo on which the film of the same name was based, is also a good way to understand how the mafia operates, although only part of it takes place in Sicily. Buy the book Gomorrah: Italy's Other Mafia for £5.39

Blogs about Italy for reading and get inspired:
  • Ms. Adventures in Italy: Sara writes about cooking, exploring and tasting new specialities, and about her travels around Italy as well as around the world. 
  • Italy Chronicles: this blog covers Italian news in English, and has become an ever growing source of news, analysis and information on many aspects of Italy. 
  • Aglio, olio e peperoncino: Eleonora is a travel writer, journalist, blogger, and wanderlust addict based in Rome. You will find: stories, local ingredients, wine, travels, recipes, photography...
  • Living Venice: Nan is a freelance writer and photographer based in Venice, Italy. If you want to read about this wonderful place and get inspire it, don't miss his blog.