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Where to eat: Verona Restaurants

Dinner in Verona:

The restaurants in Verona close late on opera nights so have a bite to eat before you enter and then have dinner when you come out.

For a snack, try the Via Roma 33, where the glasses of wine are accompanied with vegetables to "dip" (4€ per glass).

For dinner we recommend the Pizzería Trattoria Impero, which has a very pleasant terrace in the Piazza dei Signori. Try the calzone and the pasta with salmon (15-20€ per person). Another alternative is the Ristorante Greppia, on the Vicolo Samaritana, 3 (very close to Juliet´s house, on an alleyway that connects the Via Capello with the Via Manzzini). They do typical Veronese dishes as their speciality (15-20€ per person).

At weekends there is plenty of ambience in the Piazza Erbe, so we suggest going to one of the bars there for a drink after dinner.