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Taiwan travel guide

Taiwan uses "Heart of Asia" as a claim to promote its turism. Marketing mysteries... we don't know why they do not tell the truth directly: we are a wonderful country, with the most beautiful trees in the world, with rivers and waterfalls where you can swim as if you were in Eden.. And with a city like Taipei that once the world discovers it, it will undoubtedly be on the list of the most trendy destinations to travel.

In Asia, Thailand was the first one to be a hip, then Japan, China of course, then Vietnam and now it is the Philippines. The next destination will be Korea and only then will Taiwan arrise. But if we were to make a ranking of which of these countries is the most interesting to travel to, although it is true that Taiwan would not be the first one, surely it would not be the last one.

After living two years in this wonderful island we can assure you that it is a fantastic destination to come on vacation. Don't forget that the Portuguese called it Formosa because they were stunned with their beauty. Do you know any other country with a similar name?

If you are still reading, you might bewondering why, if all this is true, how is it possible that you do not know anyone who has gone on vacation to Taiwan. It is undoubtedly due to the shadow that China has cast on it since the communist revolution. When Mao created the People's Republic of China, the followers of the nationalist Kuomintang party (the capitalists) after losing the civil war fled to the island of Taiwan.

Since then, China has not stopped claiming this territory as their own and the Taiwanese try not to make too much noise so as not to give them any excuse to be invaded. Therefore, although Taiwan is de facto a country 100% independent from China, with its own government, army, currency and passport, it is not recognized by the UN or participates in the most relevant world organizations.

But despite all this they have been able to create a wonderful country, possibly with the best of Asia and the best of the West. Just to mention a few things, its president is a woman, it is the first Asian country to accept same-gender weddings, it is the country in the world with the highest recycling rate and its goal is that by 2030 all energy consumption will be from renewable sources and has been a world example in the management of COVID19.

In our travel route to Taiwan, we will tell you the best itinerary to get to know the country, the best way to move from one place to another, the most authentic restaurants along the route and the hotels that we recommend the most for their value for money.