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Where to stay: Hotels in Taroko

Where to sleep in Taroko:

If you have no budget problems and you find availability, our recommendation is to stay inside the park, at the Taroko Village Hotel. It is expensive but the lodge in cabins in the middle of nature is worth it. If you prefer something cheaper, you will have to leave the park and sleep in Xincheng, the small town at the mouth of the river. It's not that it's pretty, and the accommodation is pretty mediocre, but it's super close to the park entrance. If you want something better you will have to go to Hualien, but this is already 45min by car from the park.

The best search engines to find a hotel in Taroko are:

- they always have very good offer, and the search engine is very simple and intuitive. It works very well and you usually pay at the hotel.
- sometimes it has better offers, but we like the search engine less (it is more confusing) and you have to pay in advance on the page.