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Where to eat: Taipei

Where to eat in Maji Square:

If you prefer to sit in a restaurant, these are our favorite restaurants in Maji Square:
  • Gaucho: one of the best steakhouses in Taipei. Great to sit quietly on your "indoor" terrace and enjoy a good steak with fries. Run by a Taiwanese family that emigrated to Buenos Aires and later returned home. You will go out at 1300-1500 NTD per head. The best cut is the Primer Gaucho beef but the pieces are usually more than one kilo and at least it will cost 3300 NTD. That is why it is better to ask for the Gran Bife Gaucho (1250 NTD). With some good starters, you can eat two people. For example, the provolone is top-notch and the fried calamari are quite good, especially the tartar sauce. To drink you have red wine of course but for the Barcelona brewers, very good Estrella Damm or San Miguel on tap.
  • British Oysters Seafood Shed: at the other end of the food court. The oysters are very common (and cheap) throughout Taiwan. Here you will pay much more expensive (600 NTD 4 units) but in exchange they are first class. Also the site, although small, is very nice. They also have fish & chips and some very good calamari both fried and grilled.
  • Three Lions: famous English tavern next to the Gaucho. The food is worth nothing but their nachos are a great exception. We recommend their pitch (liter and a half jugs) of Carlsberg beer. Perfect to spend a fun afternoon. If you go with children they can play around without you having to worry about the traffic, while you are relaxing on the covered terrace. No problems whether it rains or the heat falls, it is easy for you to play one of the two in Taipei.
  • Popeye: another terrace with Heineken beer towers. In case it's your children's birthday and they want pizza. They are not worth much but you ask for beer and a pasta dish that is better.
  • Masala art: popular Indian restaurant. In case you don't fancy western food.

If you prefer something more informal or take food for a picnic in the park, then better go to the food court. The quality of the food is not great, but the truth is that it is very convenient. Long wooden tables shared in case it rains and you want to take shelter. If not, the best thing is to order and go to the park. No stall stands out in particular. But they are fast and cheap. Ask in the different places and then go back to make the round to collect the dishes. If you want to have a picnic, let us know that it is to take out. The best options are:
  • Sentosa Singapore Malasya Cuisine (first of all from the left): nothing to eat, here is to order the beer. Very cold served in frozen jugs, something difficult to find in Taipei! 100 ND the jug, although from the second it is worth 80.
  • Shawarma: the best option in the food court along with Indian rice.
  • Indian Dosa: Indian vegetarian with a very acceptable rice.
  • US Mexican Food: low level but you can eat it.
  • Donraku Dog: in case all else fails (not all positions are always open). Taiwanese hot dogs.

If you want something sweet you have two options:
  • Good Choâ??s : It is the most famous bagel chain in Taipei. There are no others in the whole city with more offer. The one with peanut and chocolate the best. The cream cheese one instead is quite avarage for the herbs that are added.
  • Haritts: almost next door you have the donuts from the famous Taichung store. The best is the chocolate again (the original lacks a bit of sugar).

To continue with a few beers in the afternoon you have the Crafted - Beer & Co. Especially Belgian brands, a bit expensive but beer is always in Taiwan. Tables with high stools, also in the covered area between the restaurant area and the food court.

Besides, in case it coincides with the Food truck parade, our favorites are the Lighthouse Food Truck sandwiches (beef pastrami with cheese, pulled pork or even chicken with curry) or if you want something really exotic to be Taiwan the Mexican Devil's Angel ;))). These trucks usually open from 4 in the afternoon and are placed in the northern part.