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Where to eat: Taichung

Taichung is the third largest city in Taiwan after Taipei and Kaohsiung. It is not so popular with tourists but it is surprising for being more modern. Some buildings may even recall the stone skyscrapers of New York.

In our Taiwan Travel Guide you have all the necessary information to visit Taichung.

Here we show you the best restaurants in Taichung.

The most popular area for walking and eating in Taichung is undoubtedly the West District, especially around Gongyi road and east of the river. You can walk down from the Natural museum and the botanical garden along Zhongxing street, a tree-lined avenue that is pleasant to walk even though it is not commercial. At the end you will arrive at Taichung Civic Square, a lively park both day and night.

Right there you have the Foodie Market, a kind of night market but premium. A little further down is the Fantasy Story art center with great places to dine and a further 5-10 minute walk to the popular Shen Ji New Village.

Most of the places that we recommend to eat are throughout this area. We order them by schedule. At the end we also indicate other places to eat, in this case close to the most interesting visits in the city.

Where to have breakfast in Taichung:

Toastman: great sandwiches made of thick English bread. Next to Taichung Civic Square so we recommend ordering them to take away and eat them in the park. The only problem is that there is almost always a queue and they are slow, so we recommend that the early riser go ahead to order. The fried chicken is first rate and the cheese is one of its stars. Ask for the letter in English.

Meat & Egg Toast: always with big queues, it's the most popular local breakfast spot in all of Taichung. In the menu at the top left you have his two famous sandwiches. Of meat, in sliced bread, it does not justify coming here unless you are one of those who like to go get breakfast and take it to your room.

Where to have brunch in Taichung:

Eat True Coffee: in Shen Ji New Village, another mandatory stop in Taichung. Cafeteria with terrace open from 10am. Very pleasant for breakfast or brunch without rushing. Smoothies, pancakes, salads, etc. Too bad it doesn't have any pastries or fork brunch (its creative pizzas are curious but for brunch one prefers good eggs).

Where to have lunch in Taichung:

Hot Shock: for its terrace and cold beer. It is not famous but it almost always ends up filling up. Our preferred option for eating in Taichung because in Taiwan it is very rare to find a good terrace with cold beer and here they have both. There is only one table outside (the ones above are small) but Taiwanese prefer to be inside with air conditioning. The beer is great, very cold. The typical American food menu of hotdogs, pizzas, burgers, etc. Except for the nachos that are worth nothing, the other is acceptable.

UZO Mediterranean Bar & amp; Grill: in case you prefer something a little healthier but without giving up a good terrace. They have salads, pittas, hummus... and beer.

Where to have dinner in Taichung:

Stacks Stack's: in Google Maps appears as Tap Room. In the alley from Fantasy Story. The burgers, nachos, fried chicken sandwich, and fries are really good. Also beer, although it is served in a plastic cup (don't be scared, at least it is the consistent type). But the 10 is taken because their terrace at the top is fantastic on a spring night (it does not open at noon). You cannot book outside but if you go around 8pm or 9pm it is not difficult to find a place.

Foodie market Caowu Square: it's not so much about the quality of the food as about the concept. Mini night market but pretty. With wooden stalls, clean and modern. Do not miss the meat stand (right in the middle, it has no loss for the queue).

Hu Chuan Qiandai: great izakaya right there in the street above. Very cute with his lanterns. All great, ideal if you go several and try dishes. Reservations required.

Japanese Roasted Meat Shop: a Japanese grill in case you fancy a good piece of meat. In the West District. In Taichung there are other better known yakiniku but this one you will enjoy more. On weekends, reservations are required. Of course, it will not be cheap but the meat is worth it.

Xiaoyuer Shochu Chicken: in case you prefer something local with typical Taiwanese dishes. Clams, prawns, fried rice, water spinachs. All very correct, popular site always set.

Best night market in Taichung:

Yizhing Street Night Market In Taichung you can not miss the night markets. The most popular is the Yizhong Street Night Market (8/10) east of the city. A good part of the market are shops that open from 12 noon, so you can also come for lunch. Students area. Below we list the best positions. The truth is that it is not bad at all but it is still just another market. So before we recommend any of the above restaurants.

There is also the Feng Chia Night Market but it is not that famous and is a bit out of the way of everything (northwest of Taichung). Popular with young people for its shops and clothing stalls. This one is only for the night.

Best food stalls in Yizhong Street Night Market:
  • Angel chicken: undoubtedly the most famous stall at Yizhong Night Market. It's hard to say that a long line like yours is worth it, but it's true that their breaded chicken breasts are some of the best in all of Taiwan.
  • Juices: in the middle of the market, past the crossroads where the 7-Eleven. Good juice stand ... but if there is a queue, refrain, things are slow.
  • Wang Yin Spicy Dry Noodles: stall famous for its noodles ... but they are not the best, not one goes to a night market to sit in a stall like the ones in any alley of Taipei.
  • Kebab: in case you want something quick and simple. At the beginning of the market coming from the park on the right hand side.

Best Ice Cream Shops in Taichung:

  • Miyahara: 8/10. Without a doubt the most famous ice cream parlor in Taichung. If you go to Taichung from Taipei by train you have it easy because it is very close to the station. If not, although it will take about 10 or 15 minutes by taxi from the city center, it is worth it because of how curious it is. Located in an old optical clinic. Enter around the corner pretending to be clueless so you can see it inside. They have a dining room on the top floor, but if the day is nice the ideal is to queue outside (leaving the store on the right-hand side). They will give you a menu to make the combination you want, you will pay and you will have to wait for them to call you by the number. Then they will prepare the ice cream for you (the toppings are included and at that moment you will see the options to choose from). Once they give it to you, right in front there is a stream that passes through the city with some small steps in the shade. Perfect to have the ice cream there quietly. There next door you also have a copy specide, Fourth Credit Union. In case it's a rainy day and you prefer ice cream over hot waffles.
  • I'm Talato: 7/10. If you prefer an ice cream without so much complication or you are lazy to take a taxi, come here. They can also complicate it with shapes and waffles, but you can always ask for the usual scoop ice cream.
  • Dolce Luna: 6/10. At Shen Ji New Village, another mandatory stop in Taichung. Small neighborhood, with hipster flea market style shops. Good ice cream, good walk, maybe too crowded on Saturday and Sunday afternoons.


Where to eat near the National Taichung Theater:

The Taichung Opera is on the outskirts of the city, in a brand new neighborhood with large skyscrapers. You will find several places to eat but most are very stalls and expensive. If you want to rest or have a drink, the best option is the theater's own café on the sixth floor, where the roof garden. Overlooking the square.

Where to eat on Painted Animation Lane:

If you go in the afternoon there is a curious cocktail bar, Somm Juice. If not, you have a quiet terrace to rest, the Jieyou Old House or the NMU Nice to meet you, next to the spectacular tree of the Taichung Literature park.

Where to eat in the Taichung Cultural and Creative Industries Park

Typical Taiwanese creative park, especially nice, pity that they just don't have any terrace, cafe or cute restaurant to have a quiet drink. You can buy something to eat in the Third Market that you have attached to the park (Di San Market). & Nbsp; But if you know for sure that you will be there at lunchtime then better book at the Mu cement cafe (without reservation a weekend don't even try). Dishes with curious combinations, street food recipes but elaborate.

Where to have a drink at the Natural Way Six Arts Cultural Center:

There is a beautiful teahouse right there. If you don't like tea, there are a couple of tables where you can have what you buy in their store. Actually, if you are all over this area to the southeast of the city, the best option to eat is this simple and cheap restaurant, Yi Deng Liang Beef Noodle Restaurant. The pork noodles and the first-rate fried rice. The dumplings can also be eaten.

Other famous Taichung restaurants:

Apart from all these places that we recommend, we enclose the list of other famous restaurants in Taichung. In case you are collectors.
  • Chun Shui Tang: happens to be the store where the famous Taiwanese bubble tea was invented ... but it's worth nothing!
  • Haritts: famous donut shop. The best are the chocolate ones. The originals lack a bit of sweetness, something very typical in Taiwanese sweets.
  • Lai Lai Soybean Milk Shop: Popular local spot for Taiwanese fork breakfast.
  • Ayu Suchi: cheap Taiwanese type sushi, with large cuts of pieces. More to take away and have a picnic in a park than to drink there. Delicate palates in search of lovingly made nigiris abstain.
  • Yingcai Noodle Soup: the most popular site to try the local noodle recipe, the big noodle geng. A thick soup of thick noodles with dried shrimp and onion. If you are noodle freakies like me, you better try them at Lao Cai Da Mian Yan, even though they are not so famous.
  • Karuizawa Gongyi store: modern hotpot, of the macro-restaurant type. Very famous.
  • Olimato: famous coffee for brunch. But it's on the outskirts of Taichung. Only if you go by car and make way for Taipei soon.
In the list of the most famous restaurants in Taichung you can not miss several yakinukus because they love them (always remember to book):
  • Umai Yakiniku: They have several stores throughout Taichung, with class and high price level.
  • Chaliu Roast Hall (Chaofu Branch): popular in the new Opera district.
  • Charcoal grilled meat with stone: yakiniku type all you can eat.

In our Route to travel to Taiwan you have plans and visits to do on weekends, always with the best restaurants in each place.