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Travel with kids to Taiwan

Tips for traveling with children to Taiwan:

Whether you are traveling with children to Taiwan or if you are expatriates living in Taipei, here you will find the best plans to do as a family in Taiwan.

Each visit is rated from 0 to 10 so you can quickly see which one is more worthwhile.

At the end we also give you recommendations and tips for traveling with children to Taiwan: safety, transportation, food, etc.

Besides, in our Taiwan Travel Guide you have routes adapted to the number of days you want to travel. Whether it is a trip around the country, or if you just want weekend plans. There you will find all the information you need to travel to Taiwan: daily visits, best hotels according to price level, how to get to each place, authentic places to eat...

And in our Taiwan App you will have all the geolocated points so you don't miss anything.

The best places to visit with children in Taiwan and other family activities and leisure plans:

Taiwan International Balloon Festival

Here is our selection of the best plans with children in Taiwan. Later you have an explanation for each of them and many more alternatives to do as a family in Taiwan.

  1. Taipei (10/10): We have a special chapter for the best activities with children in Taipei. But in general we can tell you that it is a city that they tend to like a lot. Everywhere there are playgrounds, both outdoors and indoors, small and large. Also the 101, its famous skyscraper drives them crazy. Climbing it or seeing it from anywhere in the city.
  2. Taroko National Park (10/10): the most iconic visit in all of Taiwan. Spectacular caves (Water Curtain Cave hilarious for kids) and tons of easy and unforgettable hikes.
  3. Alishan National Park (10/10): indescribable to see the gigantic Taiwanese Red Cypress. Especially the giant of Shinshuan with more than 2,700 years. The funniest part for children is that you can go from one place to another on an old train.
  4. Hualien (10/10): possibly the best area to spend a few days with the children because there are all kinds of excursions and plans, with the possibility of swimming in the river and in the waterfalls. Right there in Hualien is another of the largest amusement parks in Taiwan, the Farglory Ocean Park, in this case with more than water attractions, which is always appreciated in summer.
  5. Taiwan International Balloon Festival (10/10): in Luye Highlands, southeast of Taiwan, there is a small plateau where since 2011 every summer there is this international balloon festival. But you can go at any time of the year because there are always balloons to climb. Just seeing them is already a more exciting show than it may seem a priori.
  6. River tracing or going up rivers (10/10): from the age of 10 you can start this fun activity, where you can swim in crystalline lagoons by yourself. And if your children are under 10, don't worry. In our Guide to Travel to Taiwan we will tell you several incredible corners where you can reach with little effort and swim without any danger.
  7. Bathing in waterfalls (10/10): along with trails to see the giant trees, the best of Taiwan. In our Route we have the best selection of rivers and canyons. When you arrive you will have doubts as to whether you are in paradise or at the end of the world.
  8. Lalashan National Forrest (9/10): after Taroko park and Alishan, the best park in Taiwan. Forest of giant and ancient trees. Spectacular walk to discover these impressive trees with the children, as if we were seeing the sequoias in Yosemite park in America.
  9. Shifen (8/10): village with launching of sky lanterns every weekend. Fun for the little ones ... and for you too!
  10. Ren'ai (8/10): turn your children into Knights of the Mountain by climbing a peak of more than 3,000 meters (do not worry, everyone will be able to get there by their means or, the youngest of 4, you can carry them No problem). You can also visit the famous Qinjing farm with the horse show and its impressive views.
  11. Sun Moon lake (7/10): one of the most mythical excursions for Taiwanese. The lake itself is of little use but there you have one of the best amusement parks in Taiwan, the Formosan Aboriginal Culture Village.
  12. Kenting (6/10): south of all of the island of Taiwan. The best beaches in Taiwan to spend a weekend in a swimsuit (this area is already within the Tropic so it tends to have a good temperature almost all year round). Nearby you have an Aquarium and Museum, the ideal complement in case you have a rainy day.
Besides, cities like Kaohsiung (7/10) or Tainan (8/10), give for a weekend with interesting visits for both adults and children. They are large enough for you to find a little of everything, including playgrounds and some attractions.

The best excursions with children and nature parks in Taiwan:

Wanyue Gorge
  • Taroko National park (10/10): it has an infinite number of accessible and easy trails for children, but you cannot miss the Baiyang Falls waterfalls, where children can bathe in the underground waterfall of the Shuilian Cave.
  • Emerald Valley in Hualien (10/10): impressive nature park with fantastic excursions. Ideal to spend two or three days. Do not miss the excursion to the Zimu waterfalls (in our Route to travel to Taiwan you have all the details so you don't get lost). It's two hours of trekking through the jungle but our 6-year-old daughter Cloe did it without problems and the reward upon arrival is fantastic: small lakes with a spectacular waterfall and, if you are a bit lucky, all to yourself. In the afternoon, do not stop doing the Taiwanese plan: go to Chisingtan Scenic Area, see the sunset and build towers on its pebble beach.
  • Alishan park (10/10): together with Taroko the two must-sees in Taiwan. You have to arrive early to be able to park near the train station. In our Route to travel to Taiwan we give you all the details so that you can enjoy it to the fullest. Here the attraction is to see the gigantic and ancient cypress trees. The one at Shinshuan, 2700 years old, is a jewel that should appear in all the natural books of the world.
  • Lalashan park (9/10): 2.5 hours drive from Taipei. For us, after Taroko, Hualien and Alishan, the best of Taiwan. Forest of giant and ancient trees. The walk to discover these impressive trees with the children is simply spectacular. Better still than the sequoias in Yosemite park.
  • Gou Yin Qin / Wei Lun Canal Trail (8/10): we don't understand why it is not more famous because it is wonderful. Although it is true that as it implies a whole day, it may only make sense for expatriates (for those of you who are traveling in Taiwan, there are still other visits that would pass ahead). Of course, only if the children like to walk. It is an idyllic walk along the river. If you start up you will go down about 3 km. In spring at the beginning you can see cherry blossoms.
  • Shifen waterfall park (7/10): 1 hour drive from Taipei. Short walk across two hanging bridges to reach a nice waterfall. Apart from the walk, the fun for the children is past the second bridge. There are some swing benches there but above all there are several stone reproductions of horses of various sizes. To get on and play for a while! Perfect to combine with the sky lanterns in Shifen.
  • Ren'ai: high mountain area from where you can climb 3,000 meters and turn your children into Knights of the Mountain. You have the easy option (1 hour and a half return, a 4-year-old child can do it) and the difficult option (3 and a half hours). In addition, both peaks are part of the mythical Baiyue list. In our Guide to Travel to Taiwan we explain everything. You can also visit the famous Qingjing farm in the area, with the horse show, where you can also feed them or feed the sheep.
  • Sun Moon lake (7/10): It happens to be the second most visited attraction in Taiwan apart from Taipei. In our opinion, it is nothing to write home about but if you are expatriates, it will give you to fill up and spend a weekend. You can take a bike ride (don't try to go all the way around the lake because it is a beating, there are parts on the road and it is not very interesting). At night sleep in Yidashao. On the dock they rent soap and sticks for the children to blow bubbles. You will have a fun afternoon. And aside of course there you have the Formosan Aboriginal Culture Village, a Taiwanese-style amusement park.
  • Kenting (7/10 if you are expats, 6/10 if you are traveling to Taiwan): the best beaches in Taiwan, although that is not saying much. Some are too full of umbrellas, others are more wild. In any case, they all tend to have big waves. The contrast of the blue of the sea with the extreme green of the vegetation is reminiscent of the Philippines (actually it is very close) or even Brazil but we are not going to deceive you, they do not reach their waist. The best beach in Taiwan is Little Bay. Right behind you have the Howard Beach Resort Kenting. If you get a rainy day in this hotel you have a salvation. They have an indoor water park that can be accessed even if you are not staying there. They also have a children's play area with a little of everything. It is expensive but it is a good alternative to have the children entertained all day.
  • Yehliu Geopark (7/10): Just under an hour's drive north of Taipei. Small peninsula with very curious rock formations. The kids will have a good time walking here and there, up and down. To complete the day there you have the Yehliu Ocean World, a kind of museum of things from the sea. To finish the plan eat at a seafood restaurant. In our Route to travel to Taiwan we will tell you the best place and what to order.
  • Beitou hot springs (6/10): hot springs to spend a fun day. In our Route to Travel to Taiwan we will tell you the best Beitou hot springs to go with children. And when you finish bathing, we recommend you go to the Beitou museum and then go to the wonderful library. On the lower floor you have the children's books, some in English (in the bottom left). And when you return, you can always go through the old Xinbeitou train station - next to the new one - and get on the museum car.
  • Liyu Lake (6/10): in case you are in Hualien and have an afternoon to spare. Very close is this lake where you can rent electric pedals (forget about the manuals, with the current you will regret it all your life). Even the youngest child can take them and they will have a good time.

The best exhibitions and museums for children in Taiwan:

National Museum of Marine Biology & Aquarium
  1. National Museum of Marine Biology & Aquarium (8/10): at the southern tip of the island of Taiwan, you will meet the peninsula of Kenting, undoubtedly the best beaches in Taiwan. There you also have this great museum of biology. A bit expensive for Taiwan but you will spend the day (15 euros per adult, 8 per child).
  2. Chimei Museum (8/10): on the outskirts of Tainan, a must-do weekend excursion if you live in Taipei. Stuffed animals from around the world, an exhibition of musical instruments and a small collection of paintings. Also old war uniforms and weapons for the most "warriors". To complete the day, just side by side you have the Ten Drum Rende Creative Park, expensive but with a couple of areas and activities for children.
  3. Taipei Science Museum (7/10): a huge and comprehensive science museum full of activities for children. You can spend a whole day there.
  4. Taipei Astronomical Museum (7/10): although a bit freaky for a museum (it has an attraction where aliens end up coming out), it is still fun for children and interesting for parents.
  5. National Taiwan Museum (7/10): exhibition of evolution with some dinosaur skeletons with some very practical diagrams to understand Darwin's theory.
  6. MOCA: Taipei Museum of Contemporary Art. Being contemporary and generally experimental art, it is very popular with children. They also have a children's room there where they can do crafts and read books.
  7. Water Museum (6/10): south of the city. The museum is worth nothing but there is a large pool with slides and other adventures, it is the Taipei Water park.
  8. Taipei Zoo: just for your information, Taipei has a zoo in the southeast of the city that you can get to by subwayâ?¦ but we can only feel sorry when we see all those animals locked up there. So after 2 years living in Taiwan we never entered... we can't tell you anything about it!

Best Amusement Parks in Taiwan: Theme Parks

Taipei Amusement Park
  1. Farglory Ocean Park (8/10): a mix of amusement park, water park and aquarium, always Taiwanese style of course. Next to Hualien, probably the best part of Taiwan to spend a few days with children. Around 80 euros a standard family of parents and two children (adults - NT $ 890, children +6 - NT $ 590, children 3-6 - NT $ 390). If you go in summer, take a lot of water to drink because the heat can be overwhelming. Keep in mind that to have a place in the dolphinarium-type shows, someone in the group will have to queue at least half an hour before and reserve space for everyone. The worst, the spectacular traffic jum to leave on weekends. The best thing is that there is a great seafood restaurant overlooking the sea just close by. So you can have dinner there and skip the line. In our Route to travel to Taiwan we will give you the geolocation because it is not easy to find it.
  2. Formosan Aboriginal Cultural Village (7/10): next to Sun Moon lake, Taiwan's second largest attraction, 3 hours drive from Taipei. The lake gives for a weekend of relaxation and little else, the park is only worth it if you go with children although they have three or four attractions for adults that are not bad. Better in summer because some attractions are with water. About 80 euros typical family of 4 (adults NT$ 850, children +6  NT$ 650, children 3-6 NT$ 420). You can get to the park in a cable car, which by itself is an attraction for Taiwanese (they love these things). The cost is included in the ticket. Although if you have a car, on peak days it is better to go by car (parking 100 NT $), because you have to wait long to take the cable car.
  3. Taipei Children's Amusement Park (6/10): Taipei's amusement park. We have mixed feelings. The children are going to be distracted, but the truth is that the attractions are rather ridiculous and sometimes with even an hour of waiting...
  4. Sud Vista (6/10): 10 minutes from Nanzhuang town, ideal to combine with a morning trek to Red Lion's Head (two to three hours), eat on Nanzhuang Old Street and in the afternoon go to this kind of park to have fun. In Asia these types of sites are common and it is difficult for us to classify. It is a mixture of games and figurative places that do not fit together but that will make children have a good time. NT$ 200 per adult, NT$ 150 per child. The food is very expensive but for each entry they will deduct 100NTD from your account. The views are great and the coffee very nice. Start at the top, do the slides, go down in front of the restaurant -a little meaningless walk but at least you will move-, below you have a couple of freakies to take photos with effects and to return to the parking take the little train (this is the real attraction ... you will explain it to us). 
  5. Amusement Park at Talee Department Store, Kaohsiung City (10/6): it's not a big amusement park (it's actually on the terrace of the mall) but it is a nice place where to spend an afternoon. And if the day is rainy on the 8th floor and on the 12th you have paid playground areas for the little ones. Better Tom's World in 12 than not Bear's World in 8 (it has everything but is excessively expensive, 25 euros per child).

Shows in Taiwan:

Lantern Festival
  • Taiwan International Balloon Festival (9/10): in Luye Highlands, southeast of Taiwan, there is a small plateau where every summer since 2011 this international balloon festival takes place. But you can go at any time of the year because (weather permitting) there are always balloons flying. Just seeing them is already a more exciting show than it may seem a priori.
  • Pingxi Sky Lantern Festival (8/10): surely you have seen it many times on television but here you can see it live and do it yourself. This precious tradition in China and also in other Southeast Asian countries consists of launching paper lanterns that rise through the sky when a candle burns inside. We recommend you go to the interesting town of Shifen, the most famous in Taiwan to see this show. For the Chinese New Year hordes come from Taipei, but you can do it without problems any weekend of the year. Right on Shifen's Old Street, you can't miss it. There are several places, all with the same price, but we recommend Grandma's lintern. They are launched from the same train track (it is in use and trains pass but don't worry, they give advance notice;). NT$ 200 for the multi colour lantern. Before launching it, they will let you write your wishes on the four sides of the balloon.
  • Taipei Drangon boat festival (6/10): the most famous festival in the city, takes place in the month of June. Crowds of dragon-decorated boats compete at Dajia Riverside Park, and people eat traditional sticky rice dumplings (zongzi).

Transport and how to get around Taiwan with children:

Tefuye Historic Trail The best way to get around Taiwan is by car. Throughout the west there is the bullet train that can take you without problems to the most important cities. But after that, to get to the parks and different excursions, buses are always a bit of a hassle. Above all, there are many curves so children tend to get dizzy. That's why it is better to go with your own car so that you can stop when necessary. In our Route to travel to Taiwan we tell you the best company to rent a car in Taiwan.

To move around Taipei, between the bus, the subway, taxis and Uber you will not have any problem. In our Taiwan Guide you have all the explanation of how the Easy Card works and the applications that you will need to move without problems. 

Reduced mobility in TAIWAN: if you go with a baby carriage, the easiest way to get around Taipei will be to go by taxi or Uber. They are not very expensive, they are always available and they never cheat with the routes or the meter.

Best Restaurants to Eat with Kids in Taiwan (What Food to Order for Kids in Taiwan):

Comer con niños en Taiwan In our section What to eat and drink in Taiwan you have all the details of the different types of restaurants and food in Taiwan.

In general, children do not have big problems eating in Taiwan. Here we tell you what they can eat and what they will like:

  • White rice: for them it is like bread. In all restaurants they have. In many it is self-service and free. And in the rest it will only cost you half a euro for a small bowl (NT$ 15). Ask for it as bai mi fan.
  • Noodles: in Taiwan there are two star dishes with noodle. The beef noodles and the cold noodles. Usually kids don't like neither of them... but in all these places you can order "dry noodles" and they will give you a good bowl. As much as you insist that you want them "plain", they will always put you sprinkles, soy sauce and all kinds of things but it is easy to separate them.
  • Meatballs: in all noodle places they also usually have meatballs (rou wan). Despite the compact appearance some are really good and kids tend to like all.
  • Dumpling, xiaolongbao, and the like - some kids love it, some don't. Of course, what you cannot miss are the chocolate xiaolongbao from Din Tai Fung, the most famous restaurant in Taiwan! Spectacular.
  • Aboriginal Sausage: traditional of the original inhabitants of Taiwan. At street stalls, especially outside of Taipei. Made with wild boar meat, it has a sweet spot that makes all children love them. Great lifeguard.
  • Pizza: as an easy resource you will find pizzerias almost everywhere. The chain with the most locations is, of course, one of the best: Pizza Rock (ask for the new york because the margharita is with fresh mozzarella). Besides in Taipei you have the famous pizzeria Aunt Su's pizza house, different but good (a little Chicago pizza style) and also with a great fried chicken, in this case without weird flavors...
  • Sushi: there are three chains of rolling sushi where the children have a blast with the way of having the sushi and they are not bad at all. There are shrimp, salmon and even meat nigiri that they tend to like. And if not, they can take the rice as always ... Sushi Express, Hamasushi and Kurasushi. The first one more fancy but less quality, the other two of a slightly better level.
  • Yakiniku: grills to make grilled meat at the same table. They are usually expensive for the children to fill up... but they are fun, they make the meat themselves and you can always order the cheapest meat because it is more than acceptable. And in the meantime you enjoy a good cold beer.
  • McDonalds and Mos burger: for emergencies, two fast food chains. The first does not need to be presented. The second is Japanese and doesn't usually say anything to Western adults ... but the nuggets are first class according to some children.
  • Fried chicken: attention that it is one of the typical dishes in Taiwan but it usually has some species that kids do not like. In addition, it almost always has a spicy point ...
  • Fruit: it is usually expensive, except for bananas that you can buy everywhere, at the 7-Eleven or FamilyMart for example. When it is mango and strawberry season they are very good. Besides, they usually like the dragon fruit, but not the passion fruit, something that drives many Westerners crazy. In the supermarkets you will always find all kinds of imported apples.
  • Chocolate buns: one of the great contributions of Taiwanese cuisine to our diet during the two years that we lived here to make this guide. In many bakeries or patisseries they have it. When they are good, they are untouchable!
  • To drink you will see that Taiwanese usually have tea and little else. Even many times it is difficult to find cold water. For this reason, and because of the heat in summer, do not forget to bring your own bottles to have cold water at all times. 

    Safety traveling with children to Taiwan:

    Taiwan is one of the safest countries in the world. The crime rates are extremely low and there are cameras everywhere. Obviously, take the typical precautions but beyond this you can travel with children without problems.

    If you have an emergency in Taipei, we recommend you go to Taiwan Adventist Hospital. They have an international department with English speaking doctors and nurses. And when not, they always have translators or at least they are used to making themselves understood. It is in the center of the city. All taxi drivers know him.

    Cloe's advice: personal and non-transferable recommendation of our 7-year-old daughter to travel to TAIWAN

    "The trees in Taiwan are so beautiful !!!"

    We just asked Cloe what she likes the most of Taiwan and she hasn't thought twice. And we cannot agree more with her!

    We attach this poem that Cloe composed the other day for her favorite tree in the park where they are going to play with the school mates:

    This tree is my favorite tree.
    It is so leafy and green.
    So many birds, squirrels and bugs visit it.
    There are flowers and plants all around it.
    I wonder how it could be if I was that tree.

    Alishan Arbol Gigante