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Where to stay: Hotels in Kenting

Where to sleep in Kenting:

In Kenting it will depend a bit on what plan you want to take. There are people who go with children and prefer to get into a resort with a pool (the best for us Cesar Park and Howard Beach Resort, which have direct access to Little Bay Beach), but we like more small hotels and go to the beach and mountains .

If you go by car, choose a hotel that is on the road, from South Bay to Eluanbi Lighthouse (you can even go a little further north on this road, there are more secluded hotels with views). If you go with children, you may be interested in the hotel being in front of the beach (the best South Bay and Little Bay Beach).

If you don't have a car, then much better to stay in the little town of Kenting, where the Dawan Road beach is (to the right of the main Kenting beach) or by Little Bay Beach. So you will have the beach, the National Park and the night market (one of the liveliest in Taiwan) a stone's throw away.

The best search engines to find a hotel in Kenting are:
  • they always have very good offer, and the search engine is very simple and intuitive. It works very well and you usually pay at the hotel.
  • sometimes it has better offers, but we like the search engine less (it is more confusing) and you have to pay in advance on the page.
  • Airbnb: tiene cosas monas! merece la pena echar un vistazo.