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What to do and see in Cherry Blossom season

Wuji Tianyuan Temple:

Wuji Tianyuan Temple When you get to the car park, just above is the temple, but what is really beautiful is the pagoda, which is behind. Go up to the temple, exit through the door on the right hand side and walk along a road to the pagoda (you can enter inside it to see the Buddhas).

Then go up some stairs on the right hand side towards the mountain. Here you will find a picnic area and some seesaws, and above all a spectacular cherry tree with which you can take beautiful photos.

From here, continue along the path to the botanical garden. In the end, you will see that there is a very cool area where you can have a picnic.

Go down to the level of the pagoda and continue towards the botanical garden. Here you will begin to see a large collection of cherry trees. On the left you can continue going up, and you will reach a kind of temple with incredible views. Complete the round to return to the Pagoda.
  Wuji Tianyuan Temple Wuji Tianyuan Temple

Where to eat in Wuji Tianyuan Temple:

Binma One option is to have a picnic in the same gardens. If you do not come already prepared from home, in the parking you have the typical local food stalls and there is also a 7 Eleven.

If you prefer to sit somewhere cozy, these are the best restaurants near Wuji Tianyuan Temple:

Binma Area 134: Cafe 700 meters from the temple. You can go walking or take a taxi. Interesting place, very nice if you have a spring day. Better to book and if you can be outside much better, because they have very special chill-outs. There is a children's menu. Basically the thing is about pizzas and chicken, soups and cakes. It sounds a bit eclectic (as it is the decoration of the rococo place) and the food is nothing to write home about, but if you are in the garden it will be a good lunch. Kids love climbing the tree house, taking pictures with the Hulk, and playing table football.

Kooks 2: an Australian's pizzeria, a bit sloppy, style those Lonelyplanet cafes made with cushions and second-hand furniture, but good food. Too bad they are more than slow. It is also necessary to reserve and only come if it is to eat before 12h. Then you will end up getting up from the table at 4pm. Ask for it to be one of the tables in the front garden that shines in the sun and is not on the road like the others. The nachos are outstanding.

On the way down you can go to Tamsui to make ice cream and take a walk along its river side.

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