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Where to stay: Hotels in Tainan

Where to sleep in Tainan:

The best thing is to stay in the West Central District. So you will be walking distance from the wonderful Shennong Street and most of the things to visit.

Avoid the North District (there is the famous Garden Night Market, but it is only open Thursday, Saturday and Sunday and there is nothing else worth it). Also avoid the East district (to the right of the train station, there is little), the South district (there is nothing) and Anping District (there is a fort to see and the wonderful tree house here, but it is too far from the rest, better to come just for the visit).

The best search engines to find a hotel in Tainan are:

- : they always have very good offer, and the search engine is very simple and intuitive. It works very well and you usually pay at the hotel.
- it has more hotels and sometimes better offers, but we like the search engine less (it is more confusing) and you have to pay in advance on the page.
- : they have some cute things in Tainan. Beware with the cancellation policy.