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How to transfer from Taipei Airport

How to go from Taipei airport to the city center:

Taipei has two airports. The international one is 45 minutes southwest of the city and the local one is within Taipei itself.

The local airport is called Taipei Songshan and its code is TSA. The international is known as Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport and its code is TPE.

In the case of Songshan airport, you can get to your hotel by bus or subway (Songshan airport stop), or by taxi. The price of the taxi will be around 150-250 TWD depending on which area the hotel is in.

How to go from Taipei International Airport to the city center:

You have two options: by metro or by taxi. As the journey is long, if you are tired, we recommend taking a taxi.
  • Taxi (45min, 1300-1500 NTD): To take a taxi simply exit the terminal and go straight ahead. You will see the taxi rank with a queue. The posters are yellow (there is a stand inside the hall but you don't need to go there). There is a person in charge who will ask you where you are going just before it is your turn. You show him the address written in Chinese or English and he will tell the taxi driver the destination himself. Also tell him that you want to pay with VISA (they know how to speak English but just by showing him the card he will understand). It will cost you between NT$ 1,300 and NT$ 1,500 to get to downtown Taipei (€ 35 - US$ 40) and it will take about 45 minutes. Do not suffer because they deceive you, it is very rare in Taiwan and of course you can always control that everything is going well with your mobile phone and Google Maps (remember before leaving your city download the maps of Taipei and the different areas of Taiwan to always have them offline).
  • Subway (1h30min, NT$ 35): Taipei airport has a subway line that leaves every 30min. This line takes you to Taipei Main Station in 1h and costs NT$ 20. From there, you have to take the metro or bus that best takes you to your hotel (the cost of a trip per city is NT$ 15). A taxi from the train station to the hotel will cost around NT$ 150-250 depending on where it is located.

To go from the center of Taipei to the international airport, you have the same options but in reverse. In this case you can also go by Uber. The costs are similar.