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Cost to travel to Taiwan

Cost of travel around Taiwan (budget):

Taiwan is not a cheap country, but it is not as expensive as its neighbor Japan can be.

Flights: a flight to Taiwan from Europe can cost € 500-800 per person round trip.
Hotels: double room with bathroom for € 60-70 in hostels, € 90-110 in normal hotels, € 200-300 in luxury hotels and € 150-300 in resorts.
Meals: € 3-5 pp in traditional restaurants and markets, € 10-20 pp in local restaurants, € 20-30 pp in international restaurants.
Activities: € 10-15 tickets to museums and events, € 40-60 organized day trips (in our detailed route we will indicate how to do most of the trip by yourself, without having to hire organized excursions)
Transport: rental car € 50 / day, buses and trains between cities € 10-20, high-speed train € 40-60 each way, motorcycles € 5-7 / day, planes between cities € 50 one way, public transport € 0.5 one way.

In total estimate about € 1,250-1,800 per person plus the flight ticket for a 15-day trip (€ 80-120 per day per person).

Money and currency in Taiwan:

The currency used in Taiwan is the Taiwan New Dollar (NTD).
1 NDT = € 0.03 aprox
€ 1 = NTD 35 aprox
100 NTD = € 3 aprox
1,000 NTD = € 30 aprox

It is difficult to obtain Taiwanese dollars outside of Taiwan, as it is a currency that is not openly traded. The easiest and cheapest thing is to get money from an ATM upon arrival. You can do it with any VISA or Mastercard, but to reduce the commissions that banks charge you, it is best to request a Revolut-type debit card, which allows you to withdraw money up to € 200 per month (after that, the fee is 2% much lower than other banks) and pay abroad without any commission (credit cards usually charge 4% each time you pay).

At the airport you will find Bank of Taiwan ATMs, which do not charge commission. Most ATMs in the city do not charge a commission either, with Bank of Taiwan and Cathay United Bank being our favorites. Most convenience stores (7-11, Family Mart) also have an ATM, but be careful because here they always charge a 100NT $ fee (about € 3, US$ 3.5).

As long as you can, pay by card to minimize the cost, but be warned that in Taiwan there are many places that only accept cash.

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