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What to do and see in Taroko

What to see in Taroko (things to do):

In Taroko you have a lot of trails to walk and enjoy the views of the most spectacular place in all of Taiwan. The trails open and close depending on the circumstances, since being a deep gorge located in a terrain hit by earthquakes and typhoons, there are times that there are landslides, and the authorities are enabling and closing trails.

In any case, this is our top ten walks to do in Taroko. The first 7 trails are easy and suitable for families. The last three require being fit:

  1. Swallow Grotto Trail (Yanzikou Trail): This simple trail is one of the most iconic in the park. This is where the canyon is narrowest and the walls appear higher.
  2. Shakadang Trail: Here the gorge is much wider, but the path carved into the rock, and the turquoise color of the river, make it an essential trail.
  3. The Tunnel Of Nine Turns: Another easy trail that leads through a winding gorge. The view is not as open as at Swallow Grotto, but when curving, the walls look higher and really close.
  4. Baiyang Waterfall Trail: another of the famous trails in the park, which takes you to a beautiful waterfall as you go through different tunnels. But the biggest attraction is the waterfall that is inside a cave.
  5. Eternal Springs Shrine Trail (Changchun Trail). Beautiful and very short path that goes inside the wall to the wonderful temple that is crossed by a waterfall.
  6. Huide Trail at Chingshui Cliff: This trail is outside the park, on the coast, but you will be amazed by the color of the water and the views of the cliffs.
  7. The Bell Tower Trail: This is a much less frequented trail than the previous ones. Crossing a suspension bridge and going up some stairs, it takes you to the bell tower, which you can ring yourself.
  8. Wenshan Hot Spring: This trail is usually closed because it is quite dangerous. There is a first area of â??â??stairs and then a suspension bridge that crosses the river. At the end, you can go down to the river by descending a wall (there is a rope to hold onto). The reward, bathing in totally wild hot springs.
  9. Zhuilu Old Trail (Jhuilu Old Trail): this trail is spectacular, but not suitable for all audiences! 6km of trail, 2.5 of them uphill (in total about 5-6h), crossing suspension bridges, tunnels and especially very narrow hunting trails outlined by the aborigines in the middle of the cliff, without any type of barrier or protection! An adventure that requires having a prior permit from the park.
  10. Lushui-Wenshan Trail: another wonderful 5.5km trail, but easier and less dangerous than the previous one. This trail goes through the middle of the forest and crosses several suspension bridges and streams. It also requires permission.