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Taipei with kids

What to do with children and family in Taipei:

Here is a summary of the best activities to do with children in Taipei. Each activity / visit is rated out of 10, so that you can get better at the idea.

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Best outdoor playgrounds in Taipei:

Playgrounds Taipei

In general, in Taipei and in the main cities of Taiwan, it is very easy to find squares and gardens with playgrounds. Here is our choice of the best outdoor playgrounds in Tapei:

  1. New Taipei Metropolitan park (9/10): although it is a bit far from the center, it is very well connected by subway, and it is AMAZING. They have taken advantage of the slope of the wall that separates the river from the city, to make slides of all kinds, and they also have seesaws, swings, trampolines, climbing areas and a fun zip line circuit. If you want to do everything, you can spend half a day there perfectly! You can also rent bicycles there to cicle along the river. See more information
  2. Central Art Park (7/10): a large green park with a playground for children, zip lines included. Next to the Huasan 1914 Creative Park, where you can also go for a walk, see the Wooderful life wooden game store (very fun) and have a pizza at the well-known Alleycat's.
  3. Xinsheng park (7/10): park in the north of the city, very large, with several areas. Ideal if you are going to visit the Lin An Tai Historical House and Museum, which is also very popular with children. In the park, you can see the planes pass just above your heads and get lost in its labyrinth (garden maze). Very close to the west you have Expo Hall Playground with a fun and original playground. And a little further west the Maji Square ideal for eating.
  4. Expo Hall Playground (7/10): fun and original playground. You can combine this park with an informal meal in Maji Square, where you can also rent the typical electric cars that the same children will drive.
  5. Daan Forest park (7/10): probably the liveliest park for children in all of Taipei. Great play area, slides and swings. Rink. Sand area. Basketball courts. Near Yongkang street, one of the neighborhoods to visit.
  6. Dajia Riverside Park (7/10): a complete park in front of the river, ideal for a stop if you have rented a bike. In summer they also have water fountains for soaking.
  7. Bitan Scenic area (7/10): it is actually in New Taipei City, south of Taipei almost an hour by subway from the center. Ideal for expats to spend the day. Semi-idyllic corner of the river with a couple of vertical walls reminiscent of Thailand. Cute places to eat in front of the river and bike and canoe rentals for a ride. There really is no playground here, but if you cicle a bit north, near the Xiaobitan subway station, there is a spectacular bike circuit. If it is very hot you have a public swimming pool with a children's area (Greater XinDian Swimming Pool). And the icing on the cake, have a first-rate pizza at The Shack Pizza, overlooking the river and cold draft beer for the grown-ups.
  8. Xiangshan park (6/10): about 200 meters from the 101 and just before the trail that goes up Elephant Mountain to see the views of the famous Taipei skyscraper. Trekking can be very tiring for children because there are stairs and more stairs. If they are between 2 and 4 years old you will have to end up carrying them. But the park below has everything to have a good time.
  9. Peace Park (6/10): near Ximending, where the National museum. Large garden area with ponds, bridges, Chinese pergolas and a playground to the southwest. Even a little fountain show with music every hour.
  10. Songshan Neighborhood (7/10): Northeast Taipei is this neighborhood of expatriates but also of artists and local posh people. Full of parks for children. But only if you are living in Taipei because if you are just traveling there is no point of interest to visit there. The best of the parks is Minsheng Park although we also love Sanmin Park, this one almost reaching the river. It has a zip line for children and a fantastic corner where the wind blows for parents to read. Right before there is a public swimming pool with a ridiculous price and recently refurbished.
  11. Lohas Park (6/10): in Neihu to the northeast of the city. Ideal to see the cherry blossom and for children to play in the playground. Walk along the river with lights at night.

Best Indoor Playgrounds in Taipei:

Indoor Playground

In Taipei it rains a lot. Sometimes it can be weeks without stopping raining. That is why it is good to have plans in covered places to leave the house with the children. And one of the most popular plans among Taiwanese is to go to an indoor playground. Plan that they also use a lot in summer, when it is very hot outside. These are for us the best indoor playgrounds in Taipei. Remember to bring socks, or you will have to buy new ones there!

  1. Wooderful Land: belongs to the chain of stores Wooderful Life, which makes wonderful old-fashioned wooden toys. Their playground is in the wonderful Huashan 1914 Creative Park, and it is our favorite indoor park in Taipei. Entering there is like entering an enchanted forest. See more information.
  2. Austin Land: located in Banqiao, but with easy access by subway from Taipei (MRT Banqiao Station Blue Line). A beautiful playground where they can dress up, play tents, jump in the ball pool, make constructions, read, play with sand... The cost is 250 NTD for one hour or 650 NTD for 3 hours (the accompanying adult pays 150 NTD). See more information
  3. ATT 4 Recharge: this is a shopping center in the Neihu neighborhood, inside which there are a lot of playgrounds and activities for children. Go up to floors 7 and 8 and you will find everything from an ice rink, to electric cars that children can drive, a lively uncle, workshops to paint or make crafts... Here we indicate our favorite parks to make it easier for you to choose:
  4. Yu Kids Island (7th floor of ATT 4 Recharge): here children can dress up, go shopping at the supermarket, run a restaurant... hilarious the room where you dodge Giant balloons, the small Ferris wheel and the slides that fall into a ball pool. 300 NTD per child 2h.
  5. PaPark (floor 3 and floor 8 ATT 4 Recharge): this park is more for physical exercise. Typical padded castle with mats for children to climb, run, go through tunnels, jump... we love the adult area with massage chairs :-). The cost is 480 NTD per child (ticket valid for the whole day) and 150 NTD for accompanying parents (if you go during the week, this ticket is free). It is possible to leave the children alone and they will call you if they need you.
  6. Snoopy Play Center (3rd and 9th floor ATT 4 Recharge): Similar to Yu Kids Island but a little more expensive and for younger children.
  7. Eslite Xinyi Store: is a shopping center very close to Taipei 101. On the fifth floor they have several workshops for children, such as Lego, painting, plasticizing, sand games, etc. These workshops usually cost around € 200-300 and last about 1h. No need to book.
  8. Kids Awesome Museum: we don't quite understand why they call it a museum, because it is a playground like any other. But the truth is that children really like it. It has a ball area, a zip line, an area to play shops and kitchens, a great workshop to make giant balls and a beautiful area to simulate a camping trip. Children also love to climb their model of the 101. The only problem is that it is quite expensive (800 NTD children 3-16, 200 NTD adults). But the ticket is for a whole day (you can enter and exit) and you can become members for 300NTD and then the tickets will cost you 680 NTD children and 170 NTD adults (if you go with 3 or more children or plan to return many times, it pays off). See more information.  

Best Activities with Kids in Taipei:

Huashan Creative Park
  • Huashan 1914 creative park (9/10): former warehouses converted into shops and showrooms. The events and exhibitions are not especially for children but on weekends there are always activities and these are usually for children. What you cannot miss is the Wooderful life store. Toys and automatons made with wood. Inside the store there is an area to play after payment (expensive but really worth it because the children will feel that they are in another world and they are very unusual games, including a small zip line, bowling, chill out area, construction, etc). To eat you have a good pizzeria, Alleycat's, but be careful they are very slow. And behind is Central Art Park with a large children's play area.
  • Maji Square (9/10): to the north of the city. Ideal plan for a Saturday or Sunday. Next door is the Fine Arts Park with a playground with original and different games. Super lively of people on the weekend. And in Maji Square you have all kinds of places to eat, sometimes a food truck in the park and always a covered food court, but there are also restaurants such as Guacho where you can eat pieces of meat as if you were in Buenos Aires (yes, at European prices). You can also rent electric cars for children, a fairly common attraction in Asia (at Baby Dodofun).
  • Christmasland (7/10): every December in the Banqiao area in New Taipei City, they set up all kinds of stalls and Christmas lights. On weekends it is usually crowded but it is a good plan. Of course, go by metro because it is impossible to park (blue line, Banqiao stop, about 45 minutes depending on where you come from). The plan is for a whole day. Around there are a couple of parks with activities for children. And if you come very early, first you can go to The Lin Family Mansion and Garden, a pleasant visit that is next door. Or a little further, there is the Banqiao 435 Art Zone. An interesting space where you can paint with chalk on the floor (ask for the free colored chalks at the museum entrance). The Taipei Toy Museum is also there. But it has nothing like a museum, rather it is a "freak", toys more than old old... but the children have a good time.
  • ATT Recharge (7/10): a children's mall in Neihu neighborhood, typical for expats. It is north of Taipei above the river. Very far from the center but it is a good plan for a rainy day. Go up to the 7th and 8th floor and there you have everything: indoor playgroud, trampolines, a merry-go-round, video games, etc.
    • Yu Kids Island (7th floor of ATT): chiquipark with areas that simulate the kitchen, supermarket, restaurant, etc. and also with a merry-go-round and ball pool. A bit expensive for what it is, 10 euros per child for 2 hours, but kids love it (remember to bring socks or you will have to buy them).
    • Snoopy Play Center (8th floor of ATT): similar to the Yu but more like slides and more expensive (450 vs 350 NTD).
    • Papark (8th floor of ATT): typical chiquiparque but it is a real madness of people on the weekend.
  • Xisheng Huanbao Riverside Park (7/10): besides taking a bike ride along the river, this area is famous for the miniature airplane airport. Especially on weekends, you can see how these planes fly, some of them authentic works of art. From propeller planes to electric reactors. In this area it is usually quite windy, so you will also see people who come with their birds (most of them magnificent parrots) and let them fly at ease. And of course, kites, some spectacular. See more information.
  • Songshan Cultural and Creative park (6/10): area with gardens and exhibitions. It is not especially childish but there you have the Eslite Bookstore Songyan store, a beautiful bookstore with a children's play area and books in Mandarin and English. A 15-minute walk away you have the famous Aunt Su's pizzeria or if it is more time for snack, Street Churros. Ideal plan.
  • Eslite shopping mall (6/10): shopping center near the previous one and next to Taipei 101. On the 5th floor you have several activity booths for children. Lego, paint, plasticine, etc.
  • Sytrend Shopping mall (6/10): if your children are close to shaving or are already crazy about video games, you cannot stop coming to this shopping center. Video game stores and all kinds of simulators. There are queues to play all the recent releases. 9 floors full of shops and restaurants. You will spend the afternoon. And next to it you have the Huashan Creative Park to finish the day.
  • Miramar (6/10): another shopping center next to the ATT. Recognizable by its spectacular Ferris Wheel (250 NTD - 9 euros). To go up you will have to go to the fifth floor. On the same floor there is an area with arcade machines, one of the follies of the Taiwanese, trampolines and cars to drive the little ones. Right there there is a German restaurant where you can eat. And if not in basement 1 you have the gastronomic area, the typical food court with a lot of fast foods, although the best known ones are missing.

Best Day Trips from Taipei with Kids:

Excursiones con niños
  • Pingxi district (9/10): It is only an hour by train from Taipei, and has several charming little villages located by the river and between mountains. It is famous for the sky lanterns, but also for its hiking trails to see waterfalls. It gives you to do 3 different excursions. See more information.
  • Yangmingshan National Park (8/10): It has two trails that are especially suitable for children, Erziping and Qingtiangang Grassland. The first can be combined with a visit to the Xiaoyoukeng volcano and collect flowers in Zhuzihu. The second is great for seeing buffalo and great views of the city.
  • Beitou (8/10): is the hot spring town par excellence and can be reached by subway from Taipei. You can reserve a private bathroom for the family, though for kids, we prefer the outside public baths. Here we tell you our favorites and how to have a great day in Beitou.
  • Yehliu Geopark (8/10): a spectacular natural phenomenon in which rocks have taken whimsical shapes. Children love to run around among them, and it is a great way to disconnect from the city in front of the sea and eat good fish. See more information.
  • Wulai (7/10): town famous for its hot springs, waterfalls and the turquoise color of its river. Just 1 hour by bus from Taipei. Here we tell you how to get the best out of Wulai.
  • Maokong gondola (7/10): Cable car that passes through the zoo and that can take you for 4 kilometers through the mountains that surround Taipei. It is very easy to get there with the metro, you will walk about 200 meters and you can take the gondola. Make no mistake and queue to be able to go in a transparent booth, it is not worth it and you will be half a day waiting for your turn (Taiwanese love to queue). Get off at the last stop (120 NTD the way, 50 if you reside in Taipei). There are a couple of treks to do there, like Yinhe Cave Trail. They are nothing to write home about compared to those around Taiwan, but they are a good excuse to spend the day (if you live in Taipei, if you are just travelling, there are better things to do). Finish the tour with a drink in the pretty "Found your tea" teahouse... See more info.
  • Tamsui (7/10): town at the mouth of the river where Taipei people will spend Saturday and Sunday afternoons. As if it were a summer afternoon at home but Asian. And with the largest ice creams in the world (not the best ones, but super long machine kind of ice cream). In the middle of the walk you have a playground. If it is not the weekend you can also rent a bicycle next to the station to make it more fun (Saturday and Sunday they also rent them but there are so many people that it is impractical). See more info.
  • Bali (6/10): in case you like Tamsui's plan and want to repeat. In Tamsui you take a ferry from the same promenade and for a couple of euros they will cross you in 5 minutes to the other side of the river. There you have Bali with another walk and an Old Street to eat seafood fritters. Next to its famous ice cream parlor (which is also worth nothing, why fool yourself), in the back, there is a space with pay games and a castle to jump on. And if you keep walking as towards the parking lot, there is a playground to finish spending the afternoon.

Cycling through Taipei with children:

Bitan Bike Circuit The best area in Taipei to cycle with children is without a doubt the riverside. Taipei is surrounded by two rivers that meet right there to reach the sea in a few kilometers. Between the factories and the highways that run parallel to the rivers, it used to be a desolate space but little by little they have been recovering it for the people. Now all the borders of the river are landscaped areas with play areas, basketball courts, fields of baseball or soccer. All connected by bicycle lanes. In each of the large playgrounds you will always find really cheap bike rental stands (50 NTD, less than 2 euros per hour).

The most recommended part for famous and lively is Dadaocheng wharf on the west riverside. Actually the view is not particularly beautiful and it is very noisy having the ring road next to it, but when it gets dark you will see the sunset and then things improve. Near the bike rental, tehre is an area of â??â??restaurants, where you can end the day with a good draft beer and something to eat, sitting outdoors overlooking the river. There is no park for children here, but it is an area without cars, so they can move freely. Our kids love to play with a rudder and an anchor at the entrance of the river, and see the dinosaur robot that they have at the beginning of the restaurants. 

To the north you have another bike rental site at Dajia Riverside park . If you go to the left (looking at the river), very close there is a large park for children, with a water area, sand for the little ones to play and a kind of geyser that will make them laugh because depending on where the wind blows they will get wet. For the grown ups, from 3pm you have the plan of having a beer at the Amal café, a Taiwanese chill-out.

If you cicle to the right hand side (which is more scenic), you will reach the Rahoe night market area. The plan in this case is to go to the market, eat something there, and finish with a beer at bar No. 7 on the riverside. In our Route to travel to Taiwan we will tell you the best places to eat in Rahone market. There you also have the Rainbow Bridge that you can walk across and from the other side see views of the 101.

Much further south, almost outside the city is the Bitan Scenic Area . There you can rent a bike and go to the Pumptrack, a fun circuit with bumps for children. To eat, take a good slice at The Shack Pizza. This whole area is super beautiful, with high walls on the river that are reminiscent of Thailand or the Philippines.

And to the west of the city, already in New Taipei City, you have the New Taipei Metropolitan Park , where you can also rent bikes and do a 20km circular circuit (if you go with children you can simply take a walk around the extensive park, feed the goats and play in its incredible slide area). Here you can see more information.

Exhibitions and museums for children in Taipei:

Taipei Astronimical Museum
  • Taipei Astronomical Museum: Although it is a bit freaky for a museum (it has an attraction where aliens end up coming out) it is still fun for children and interesting for parents. Also behind you have a fantastic park, Meilun park, with several children's areas and all kinds of games. In the same complex there is an Imax-type cinema and a ·D room, although we do not recommend the latter because the effects are more embarrassing than laughter.
  • Taiwan Science Museum: a spectacular and huge museum dedicated to science, where children can interact and learn about how natural phenomena work and how to take care of the planet. It also has 3D cinemas and workshops, so you can be there for a whole day.
  • National Taiwan Museum: in the Peace Park. Not bad but the kids will have a better time outside in the park or in the Lan Bank Exhibition Hall of the same museum across the street. There is an evolution exhibit there with some dinosaur skeletons with some very practical diagrams to understand Darwin's theory.
  • Paper Museum: Although for adults it may seem a bit boring, children have a great time with the workshop to make paper. Also, there are several stalls where they can put stamps and write Chinese characters with brushes. 

Taipei's Best Public Swimming Pools for Kids:

Sanmin Swimming Pool

Taipei can get sooooo hot in summer. Therefore, it is always good to have a swimming pool on hand to spend a hot day with children. Taipei has many public swimming pools and some of them are well prepared for children.

In all of them: 

  • The outdoor pools are open from May to September.
  • The price is usually NTD 100-150 per adult and NTD 50-100 per child. It is paid in cash at the entrance.
  • It is necessary to bring bathing suit and hat (if you forget it, you can buy one there).
  • You can eat outside (don't be shy about taking a picnic).
  • You have to go barefoot: in some they even prevent you from wearing flip-flops around the pool area and in common areas such as the changing rooms and bathrooms (at first we were very unhappy, but the truth is that we have never caught a fungus!). 
  • Apart from the children's area, they usually have a swimming pool (outdoor or indoor) and a spa.
  • It is forbidden to use sunscreen (yes, a mess with the sun as it hits here). Better to come already creamed from home, and if you have to replace it there, better not be seen and that you use an antiallergic sunscreen (sometimes it sneaks like that).
  • You can take floats of the big ones or buy them there. They always have an automatic pump that you can use for free. 
  • They are all quite old , but the maintenance is correct and they are clean.

These are the 8 best pools in Taipei to go with children (it gives you plan for 8 different days):

1. Road Castle: It is the most expensive (350 NTD) but it is a real water park. You can combine it with Gongguan Night Market for dinner or with the Gongguan Waterfront Plaza, which has very cute terrace sites in front of the river. (MRT Gongguan Station Green Line)

2. Yucheng Park Swimming Pool: being one of the cheap ones, it is the one that has the most things for children (slides, slow river, balls, bouncy castle). The only but is that there are usually too many people and sometimes on Sundays it is quite dirty at the end of the day. In any case, our children said it was the best day of their life. There is nothing written about tastes, and even less for the little ones. For adults there is a spa and an indoor swimming pool. Outside there is a park with a splash park too. (MRT Houshanpi Station Blue Line)

3. Qiangang Park Swimming Pool: You will appreciate the breeze that blows in this pool that is a little more open than the others. It is big but there are not many people. Children's playground in the water, although it is nothing to write home about, and indoor and outdoor swimming pools. You can combine it with Shilin Market for dinner. (MRT Jiantan Station Red Line)

4. Greater XinDian Swimming Pool: very large and with slides, south of Taipei in Bintan Scenic park. You can combine it with the Bitan bicycle park and with the Bitan Scenic area (see Bitan plan). (MRT Xiao Bitan or Xindian Green Line, but it leaves you about 20min on foot, so it is better to take a bike from there).

5. Youth Park Swimming Pool: to the south of the city, with large slides. There is no nearby metro, better by private transport or taxi. You can combine them with a walk through the Zhong Zheng Riverside Park

6. Taipei Water Park: It does not have a swimming pool but it does have slides and water jets. You can combine it with Gongguan Night Market for dinner or with the Gongguan Waterfront Plaza, which has very cute places with a terrace in front of the river. (MRT Gongguan Station Green Line)

7. Sanmin Swimming Pool: Being small does not have too many people, especially in the morning. Outdoor pool with games for children, indoor pool for adults to swim, and even a spa. You can combine it with SanMin park, which is right in front and has a very cool zip line. And of course with a walk through the wonderful Fujin Street. There is no metro nearby, better to go by private transport or taxi.

8. Keqiang Park Swimming Pool: It is a bit out of the way (Tianmu, expat neighborhood), but we like it a lot because it is very quiet and has trees that provide shade. It has a small covered area for children with mats and inflatables to play. Olympic outdoor pool and spa. (MRT Zhishan Station Red Line).

In addition, Taipei Amusement Park has a splash park (jets where children can soak in) and there is also a Splash Park in Dajia Riverside Park.

Piscina bolas

Amusement parks in Taipei: theme parks

Taipei Amusement Park

Taipei Children's Amusement Park is Taipei's amusement park. We have mixed feelings. The children are going to like it, but the truth is that the attractions are rather ridiculous and sometimes with even an hour of waiting. Our recommendation: it is not worth going unless you are very desperate, especially if it is the weekend.

It is a mess to understand how the payment work, so the easiest thing is to go with the EasyCard well recharged, enter with it and pay attraction to attraction. The general admission to the venue is worth NTD 30 (NTD 15 for children 7-11 years and free for children under 7). Then you pay attraction by attraction with the Easycard, which will cost NTD 20-30-50 (depending on the attraction). At the entrance you can also buy all-inclusive tickets for NTD 350 (NTD 310 for children under 12 years old), but they only cover the attractions of NTD 20 and NTD 30 (not those of NTD 50). So it's hard to amortize them.

Nearby is the Meilun park with two large playgrounds. And they are free, of course.

Sports and adventure for children in Taipei:

  • Bike through Taipei (8/10). Taipei is surrounded by two rivers. Between the factories and the highways that run parallel to the rivers, it used to be a desolate space but little by little they have been recovering it for the people. In particular, they have turned it into landscaped areas with playgrounds and a bicycle lane that runs almost all the way around Taipei. In the liveliest areas there are always bike rental stands at ridiculous prices (50 NTD, less than 2 euros an hour). The most recommended and most famous and lively part is Dadaocheng wharf on the west riverside. In our Route to travel to Taiwan we recommend you come here when combining it with a visit to Dinhua street. We also love the Dajia Riverside Park area, where in the summer you can also see the Gragon Boat Festival.
  • Ice Skating (7/10). If you love ice skating, in Taipei you can do it all year round at the Taipei Arena. An impressive sports palace in the center of Taipei. Its exterior is futuristic and with gigantic screens, so just to go see it is worth it. Right there you can rent all the equipment for 300-400 NTD (entrance included). There is another ice skating rink in the ATT for Fun shopping center in Neihu, but it is further out of the way, it is smaller and it gets crowded on weekends.

Where to buy costumes, decorations and gifts for Halloween or Christmas:

If you are living in Taipei, you will spend more than one party here. Probably Halloween and maybe Christmas. That is why it is worth knowing where to find ornaments, costumes and the best toy stores. Without a doubt the best area is north of Taipei Station. Specifically Chang'an West Road with Taiyuan Road and surroundings. This is full of stores that adapt the assortment to the time of year and party. You also have the toy store at 54th Taiyuan road .  From the outside it will seem like a small thing, but you will see that they have a great offer and good prices.

Besides of course you have several Toys R Us . The largest of all is the one in Zhongshan, next to Linsen Park. Next to the IKEA, on the 8th floor of the Breeze shopping center you have another one. And later, in case you go shopping at the Neihu Decathlon, in the Carrefour shopping center you have another one.

Finally, if you need to buy technological gifts , without a doubt the neighborhood to go is next to the Huasan Creative park. There you have several options:
  • Guanghua Digital plaza shopping center (very small shops with all kinds of things)
  • Shopping mall Sytrend (with official stores of all the first level brands)
  • Bade road, section1 (street full of shops, in this case many to repair laptops, computers and mobiles).