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Where to eat: Tamsui

Tamsui is the mouth of the river and is 1 hour from central Taipei by subway. Taiwanese usually come on Saturday or Sunday to spend the day. That is why on weekends there can be too many people (be careful when returning by metro, better let the previous one pass and get the first of the next to find a seat).

During the week renting a bicycle and doing the whole ride enjoying the sea breeze, without being the best of Taipei, is a plan. When leaving the metro station, towards the river on the left you will see a rental stand. Although it is a good time you can get to the port with the Tower and the Bridge of Lovers (Lover's Tower and Lover's Bridge).

In our Taiwan Travel Guide you have all the information you need to visit Tamsui.

Here we indicate the best restaurants in Tamsui.

Where to have lunch in Tamsui:

Frituras Tamsui There are two areas to eat in Tamsui: Tamsui Old street (old has nothing, everything is neon) and the riverbank of the Danshui river. As one is parallel to the other, if you want to see everything you can take a walk, first going along the river and then going back inside to see the Old Street (it is not very special either).

If you are walking, it is worth reaching a kind of small cove. Beyond that, the walk is very long without any interest until the end.
Whether you go for the walk or inside there are many places to eat. If you want to snack, the fried quail egg skewers are not bad at all (you will see several places, they taste just as good in all of them). Fried seafood are also typical. Again there is no position that stands out more than the others. In any case, at the beginning of the walk you have the What's Run with the correct prawns and octopus.

As Tamsui is a typical afternoon walk, it is easy that you want some sweet to have a snack, especially if you go with children. You have three alternatives. The so-called tower ice cream, gigantic machine ice creams. They are fun for Instagram but they are really bad. In our App you have one geolocated in case you go with children and want to go directly to the grono (position 758) but ride so much, ride so much, anyone works.

If you want to try the traditional ice cream with peanuts on top and wrapped in crepe, you have an ice cream parlor where they are better than average: Liang Le.

But the best is the traditional cheese sponge cake. In Original Cake you will have to queue but it is the most famous without a doubt.

Where to see the sunset in Tamsui:

Puesta de Sol Tamsui

Tamsui's main attraction is watching the sunset on the river bank. Strolling along the riverside, from any point you will see it calmly. But if you want to be sitting down having something you have two great options.

  • Water Front Bali: next to the restaurant of the same name. You cannot miss it because you will see the Balinese beds right next to the promenade. Impossible to find a place on the weekend, but if you come on a weekday you will be fabulous. Of course, they are European prices. You can have a simple cocktail or eat directly. You can also reserve a table through eztable (by going to the place on Google Maps you can do it in a moment but keep in mind that the reservation is for the restaurant and not for the chill outs).
  • La Vie Rêvée Des Anges Cafe: coffee, tea, smoothies, muffins, even sandwiches and bagels (but don't imagine anything special). In any case, the bar on the top floor is an ideal spot to watch the sunset.

Another option if you go with children and you don't see clear getting into a restaurant or bar, is to take the ferry to Fisherman's Wharf (60 NTD each way, you can pay directly with the Easy Card) and watch the sunset over the sea from the boat or from Lover's Bridge.

Where to have a beer in Tamsui:

In case you want to relax, get away from the hustle and bustle or just have a beer, the best option is the Red Barn . Typical American restaurant with cold beers. It is on the first floor with a balcony overlooking the promenade. Ideal for voyeurizing from above, jug in hand.


Famous Tamsui dish:

The typical dish to try in Tamsui is ah-gei , a mixture of noodles and fish wrapped in fried tofu. Unless you are food critics and you are working, it is not worth trying. In any case, the one known for being the inventor, Original ah-gei, is the one closest to the promenade, but the Tamsui Wenhua A-gei is much better, a couple of streets inside. If you go, you also have to try the fish balls.

The braised eggs or black eggs are also famous. You can buy them at any street stall because they are packaged. Again nothing special.

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