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Where to stay: Hotels in Sun Moon Lake

Where to sleep in Sun Moon Lake:

In Sun Moon Lake there are two villages where you can stay: Shuishe to the west and Ita Thao to the east. We prefer Ita Thao because they have a better offer of restaurants and its night market is super lively. The offer is quite wide, from small guest houses to more formal hotels. There is even a campsite that is quite cute, but there are so many mosquitoes that we do not recommend it. When choosing a hotel, take a good look at the bathroom because many do not have it in the room or are the kind that the shower is together with the toilet.

The best search engines to find a hotel in Sun Moon Lake are:
  • they always have very good offer, and the search engine is very simple and intuitive. It works very well and you usually pay at the hotel.
  • sometimes it has better offers, but we like the search engine less (it is more confusing) and you have to pay in advance on the page.