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What to do and see in Kenting

What to see in Kenting (things to do):

In Kenting you'll find the best beaches in Taiwan (which is not saying much, because beaches are not the strong point of this country). Every time there is a vacation, many Taiwanese flee south in search of good weather. The views are beautiful and it is a good point where to disconect from the rest of the island.

This is our ranking of the 10 best things to do and see in Kenting:

  1. Go to the beach: these are for us the best beaches in Kenting
    • Little Bay Beach: it is very beautiful, you can snorkel, kayak... ideal to go with children.
    • South Bay: very atmospheric, the little town in front is more for backpackers.
    • White Sand Bay: the sand isn't as white as the name suggests, but it's fun to play with the waves.
    • Kenting Main Beach: this is the wildest, it has no services, but it is beautiful to walk around.
    • Gangkou Beach: much more secluded than the others, if the sea is calm it is wonderful and you can be alone.
  2. Dinner at the Kenting Night Market: one of the most atmospheric in Taiwan, with wonderful seafood, oysters ...
  3. See the sunset at Eluanbi Lighthouse: the most photogenic point in the area.
  4. Teekking in the Kenting National Forest Recreation Area: it is about 2h of simple and beautiful walk through caves. Nearby is the Shedding natural park. The circular route is 1h, also very nice and free.
  5. Snorkeling: the best spots are Chuanfan Rock Beach and Little Bali Rock. On the left side of Little Bay Beach you can also snorkel, although it is not as good as the other two spots.
  6. Doing water sports: is one of the great summer attractions, paddle surfing, canoeing, and above all, the typical inflatables pulled by jet skis. All serviced beaches have some of this, but the largest center is at Chuanfan Rock Beach.
  7. See the rock formations of Jialeshui. Very typical of Taiwan, these formations that are produced by the contact of lava with water.
  8. Take a walk through Maobitou Park: is also to see the formations of the coast, but in this case more from above.
  9. Go to the National Museum of Marine Biology and Aquarium: we are not very into zoos or aquariums, and in this one we were especially sorry that they had a beluga in a rather small tank ... but the truth is that the rest of the exhibits are spectacular and can save you a rainy day in Kenting.
  10. Go to an indoor water park: if it rains so much that you can't do any of the above, at the Howard Beach Resort hotel they have a small indoor water park. You can enter even if you are not staying in it. Not that it is wonderful, but if you go with children you will have a good time.