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How to get Taiwan

Flight to Taiwan:

There are direct flights to Taiwan from European cities such as London, Paris, Amsterdam and Istanbul. A round-trip ticket usually costs € 650-750. If you find it above € 800 you can consider that it is expensive, and below € 600 it is a bargain.

From the US you can fly direct from Los Angeles, San Francisco or New York. The cost of a round trip ticket usually costs about 550-600 US $. Above 700US $ you can consider that it is expensive, for a drop of 500US $ it is a bargain.

Search flights from your city of origin in SkyScanner search engine. There you can compare the offers of the different companies. They will redirect you to the website where you can book at the best price.

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Arrival in Taiwan:

On the plane they will give you an entry document to fill out per person. Fill it in with your information and deliver it to passport control.

If you are given a green or red card when leaving the plane, take the green one. It means that you have nothing to declare about fresh food or plants (it is due to contamination and pests). That is, do not bring any fruit, cold cuts, cheeses or anything similar.

Look for the NON CITIZENS queue at passport control.

The passage through the control is relatively fast. They will only take a photo of you and have you put your two index fingers on a machine to register them. Get out and you'll be in the airport hall.

When you go out to the arrivals hall, to the left at the back are the SIM card stalls. Look for CHUNGHWA TELECOM company. Buy a PRE PAID SIM CARD. Choose the one that suits you best for the number of days you are there. They will install it right there.

Right there you will see two Bank of Taiwan ATMs in case you want to withdraw money (before passport control there are some but it is not worth it, go through passport control as soon as possible). When taking the taxi you can ask for one with VISA card payment and apart in the city it is relatively easy to find ATMs. In any case, if there is no queue at the ATMs and you want to withdraw money, you can take advantage of: with any VISA card, withdraw 10,000 TWD or NT (it is the acronym for New Taiwan Dollar, the currency here). They are about 300 euros (350 US$), more than enough for a few days.

Although you see people exchanging money in the exchange houses, do not be tempted to do so. It is more expensive and much slower. You will waste a lot of time.