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Where to stay: Hotels in Taipei

Where to sleep in Taipei:

Taipei is quite a large city, and tourist attractions are quite scattered around the city. So we recommend that you choose a hotel that is close to a metro stop. So you can get everywhere quickly.

If you stay in the Taipei 101 area , choose a hotel near Xiangshan Station (red line) or Taipei City Hall (blue line).

Something between the stops at Zhongxiao-Fuxing station, Zhongxiao Dunhua station and Sun Yat-Sen Memorial Hall stations (all on the blue line) may also be interesting. This is the trendiest shopping, restaurant and nightclub area: Zhongxiao .

Ximending is also very appropriate to have an atmosphere at night, pay attention to the opinions of the hotels, make sure it is not too noisy. The metro stop would be Ximen (green and blue line).

Another option could be the Songshan stop (green line), near the river and the Raohe Night Market. This area is very local, but the truth is that it is quite far from the rest.

The best search engines to find a hotel in Taipei are:

- : they always have very good offer, and the search engine is very simple and intuitive. It works very well and you usually pay at the hotel.
- it has more hotels and sometimes better offers, but we like the search engine less (it is more confusing) and you have to pay in advance on the page.
- : they have some cute things in Taipei. Beware with the cancellation policy.