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What to do and see in Tainan

What to see in Tainan:

This is the ranking of the best things to see in Tainan:

  1. Shennong Street, probably the most beautiful street in all of Taiwan. Full of lanterns, small shops and cafes.
  2. Anping Tree house:  an old ruined house invaded by trees. Little Angkor Watt from Taiwan.
  3. Blue Print Cultural and Creative Park: some old warehouses recovered and converted into exhibitions of street art.
  4. Confucius Temple: like most Confucius temples, a haven of peace and tranquility in the middle of the city.
  5. Chihkan Tower: an observation tower in the center of the city. Precious.
  6. Tainan City Art Museum (building 2): we like it better on the outside than on the inside, but it is worth stopping by it.
  7. Great South Gate: the old south gate of the city. We love to see the gigantic trees climbing its walls.
  8. Anping Old Fort: an old Dutch fort in which trees have also taken over its walls.
  9. Chimei Museum: its wonderful architecture recreates European museums. Inside, in addition to an interesting collection of classical sculptures, you will find samples of Chinese art and also two exhibitions that we loved: one of musical instruments and the other of Asian armor.
  10. The Wetlands and the Sicao Green Tunnel: mangrove protected area.
You may also be interested in:
  • Snail Alley: an alley with pieces of street art.
  • Hayashi Department Store: a former department store from Japanese times. They have maintained and restored it but when you enter it transports you back in time.

What to do in Tainan:

Here are the top 10 things to do in Tainan:

  1. Go crazy taking photos. It is the most photogenic city in Taiwan. Our favorite places are Shennong Street and the Blue Print Cultural and Creative Park.
  2. Hallucinate with the trees that invade the ruined buildings and the ancient walls. The most spectacular are in the Anping Tree House, but you can also find them in the Great South Gate and the Anping Old Fort.
  3. Try the famous dishes (Xiao Chi) of Tainan at the Garden Night Market. The most famous are the Beef Soup (blanching beef), the rice dumplings (zongzi), the Danzai noodles, the shrimp rolls and the oyster omelette.
  4. Rent a bike and take a ride through the Central West District, passing through the Blue Print Cultural and Creative Park, the Great South Gate, the Confucius Temple, the Tainan City Art Museum, the Hayashi Department Store ...
  5. Take a walk through Tainan Park, which in addition to being a beautiful park, has a library and a science museum for children.
  6. Go watch the sunset at the Sunset Platform.
  7. Take a boat trip through the Wetlands (Sicao Conservation Area) and reach the Sicao Green Tunnel.
  8. Spend an afternoon at the 10 Drum Cultural Village, where in addition to attending a percussion show, you can jump down gigantic slides, row a boat, ride an old train, zip-line, shoot archery...
  9. Take an excursion to the Qigu Salt Mountain.
  10. If it's summer, you can go to the beach. Not that it's wonderful, but at least you can swim! The best beach is at Yuguang Island. Take the opportunity to see the sunset over the sea!