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Travel health, vaccines and safety in Taiwan

Safety in Taiwan:

Taiwan is generally a super safe country. You will see that there are cameras everywhere, and that deters a lot from breaking the rules. In addition, it is a country in which domestic employment is highly protected, which is why it has super low unemployment rates. If you leave something on the subway or in a taxi, it will most likely be returned and put in a safe place.

The only precautions you should take are with cars. Here pedestrians have no priority, and unless there is a red light for them, they will not stop to let you pass even in a crosswalk.

And then there are earthquakes and typhoons (hurricanes). The former can occur at any time, although they are more frequent and stronger on the east coast of the country. If you notice one, make sure there is nothing around you that could fall on you, and protect your head and neck, which are the biggest cause of earthquake injuries in Taiwan (buildings are prepared not to fall, find a clear room or get in under a table). If you are on the street, go to an open park where there are no trees or anything that can fall on you.

In the case of typhoons, the season in which they usually occur is from July to September. If you have bought a local SIM card when you arrive in the country, you will receive government alerts in case one is approaching. In this case, follow the instructions of the authorities and do not leave the house during the day / days that the typhoon lasts.

Insurance to travel to Taiwan:

After many trips and after having contracted dozens of insurances with different companies, we believe we have found the best. In addition to telling you the reasons, we tell you how you can contract them.

Most of international and local insurance companies are very expensive and in many cases it is difficult to claim the expenses. These two companies we propose you are hassel free, and their prices are quite adjusted.
  • IATI, being slightly more expensive than AVI, it is the winner in customer support. If you have any problem, they look for you to the doctor, they send you a taxi to take you there and also, they pay for your directly (so you don't have to advance anything). All this just by sending them an email or calling them by phone. The medical coverage of the IATI Basic insurance is only € 50,000. So to travel to Taiwan, we recommend IATI Standard (€ 200,000) or IATI Estrella (350,000 €) insurance. In addition, these two insurances cover up to € 300 of basic expenses that you may have if the luggage is delivered more than 12 hours late and up to € 300 for the expenses incurred when the means of transport is delayed more than 6 hours. If you contract any of their insurance through this link you will have a 5%discount.
  • AVI is a bit cheaper but in return they have a small deductible for medical expenses (€ 30), which you can eliminate by paying a little more (it is still cheaper than IATI). Their attention is also very good. In most cases you will not have to advance any money, although if you have to, they will return it later without problem (you have to send them by post the receipts, medical reports ...). Medical coverage is higher (€ 300,000), so for a country with medical costs like Taiwan it is very suitable. And if you are traveling with 2 children or more, then surely it will pay off, because they offer a discount for families that is very very attractive. The insurance that we recommend from AVI is the Trotamundos Insurance that you can hire through this link .

Both are very good travel insurance and that is why we recommend them. Both are contracted online in a very simple way and at the moment you receive a confirmation email with all the coverages and forms of contact with them in case anything happens.

We have used AVI all the time we have lived in Taiwan and we have no complaints. They have always advanced the money and only in case of emergency (we had to go to the hospital without calling them first) have we had to advance the funds ourselves and send them all the documents and invoices. After a few weeks we have received the money without problems. 

For everything to go smoothly with insurance companies, it is important that (if possible) you call them before going to the doctor, because that way they can tell you a hospital they work with and thus advance payments.

Vaccines to travel to Taiwan (vaccinations):

Currently no special vaccination is needed to travel to Taiwan from Europe, America or Oceania.

We will be watching if in the future they demand the COVID-19 vaccine.