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Where to eat: Alishan

Alishan is one of the best national parks in Taiwan. A 4 hour drive south of Taipei. Its giant and ancient trees are on our list of wonders of the world, even more impressive than the spectacular sequoias of the great American parks.

In our Taiwan Travel Guide you have all the information you need to visit Alishan.

Here we indicate the best restaurants in Alishan and surroundings.

Where to eat within Alishan National Forest Recreation Area:

You will see that within the park there are two areas where you can eat (apart from the Alishan Home hotel). The first and most important is the parking area in front of the Alishan train station, where you have a kind of food court and about 5-6 restaurants. And the second is a kind of food court that is next to the Shouzhen temple. But we warn you that in none of these places you eat particularly well, so we recommend that you take a picnic to eat in the forest, and only go to one of the restaurants if you sleep in the park.

To buy snacks, both at the park entrance (where the bus stop), and in the main parking area (where the main train station) you have 7 Eleven. There you can buy sandwiches, seaweed triangles, chips, fruit and other snacks for your picnic.

If you stay overnight inside the park, for dinner there are several options around the parking lot. But we warn you that none of them are worth much.
  • Shan Bin restaurant: it is the most popular. Hotpot is the most typical, although you can also order other dishes. The beef with peppers is good and the fried mushrooms can be eaten like French fries (attention that they have their pepper seasonings with spices).
  • Yushan Yuan Restaurant: in case the previous one is full, this one is a good option. It's a shame that the tablecloths are made of paper and the cups are plastic, because their mushroom dizzling and water spinach aren't bad. Also here you can have a hotpot.
You will be struck by a very modern restaurant in the same parking lot, but the truth is that it is worth nothing. If you don't want to complicate your life, you can also go to the food court in the parking lot and eat at one of the stalls. Our favorite for dinner is number 7 (120 NTD beef noodle). And if not the 21.

If you have a hotel in the park, don't pay for breakfast. It is usually a voucher to go to a bar and it is worth nothing. For that, better go to the food court in the main parking lot and have some noodles (where you go, do what you see). For example at number 5 (Duck noodle soup for 80 NTD without sauce).

Where to eat in Zhuqi Township and Fenqihu:

If you have the hotel outside the park or it is late on the day you arrive (easy because the last hour and a half of the road can be at an average of 30 km / h, pay attention to dizziness if you go with children), we give you some option around in the village of Zhuqi and Fenqihu, the liveliest urban areas near Alishan Park.

On the main street of Zhuqi you have three good options next to each other:
  • You will recognize the first one by the yellow sign next to the car park. Ask for the cabbagge, the bamboo is very tasty too, the mountain pork or the oil chicken, two typical dishes of the area. The small prawns, on the other hand, another typical dish of any Taiwanese town, are not worth much here. They have a menu in English although without prices, but don't worry because it will be cheap. Free self-service white rice.
  • The second is next to the previous one, almost in the corner, the one with the red sign  More formal, cleaner, a little more expensive than the previous one. Same menu, also animated but there are usually groups.
  • The Best Fried Chicken Ever: in front of the previous two. A trolley to take away fried chicken and french fries. Attention that as always in Taiwan it is with its species that some Westerners do not just enter us.
At Fenqihu, we love two restaurants to eat with a view. They are Lele Garden and Fenqihu Enhui. Side by side, simple, dishes under 200 NTD (8 euros) and outdoor tables. The first more if you fancy fried rice, cabbagge and omelette with vegetables, the second if you prefer udon and meat.

Where to eat near Eryanping Trail:

If you are hungry around here, there are some stalls on the same road. We love the one of the lady who makes the typical aboriginal sausages (wild boar meat with a sweet flavor), which also has strips of pork, the other recipe of the inhabitants before the Chinese. Very tasty! And there's another stall that makes meat-filled Chinese baos (dumplings). Both ideal for taking a picnic to the hike.

If you prefer to sit down, you have two good options:
  • Morijuju Coffee: coffee shop with great views of the sea of clouds. Toast and waffles. A great option for a shiny day.
  • Mountain Beauty Restaurant: in case the rain catches you. Closed, local place, with tables with tablecloths of those made of synthetic silk. Order the pork. It is the typical local recipe that costs to make it wrong. They also have grilled fish and their typical sweet wild boar sausages.