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How to get Spain

Flight to Spain:

This Smart Route starts in Barcelona and finishes in Madrid. We therefore recommend that you fly to Barcelona and fly back from Madrid. For a similar price you will be taking much better advantage of your time and money in Spain!

If you prefer to buy a return flight to Barcelona or Madrid, you will have to get a connecting flight between these two cities either on the first or last day (from 35€ with Vueling).

Arrival City:

Barcelona, city in the Northeast of Spain. Airport: Barcelona (BCN) 

Departure City:

Madrid, capital of Spain. Airport: Madrid-Barajas (MAD) 

Main airlines flying to Barcelona and Madrid:

Most European low cost airlines have flights to Madrid and Barcelona, being Easy Jet and Ryan Air the ones with the greatest number of flights.

Other local airlines with good prices to Madrid and Barcelona are Vueling Airlines and Iberia. 

Smart Links for booking flights: 

Take a look at connections on SkyScanner first. This website shows all the airlines that fly to Spain and re-directs you to the webpage offering the best rates (including airlinesâ?? websites).

Approximate prices of flights to Barcelona and Madrid from Europe's main cities:

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