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What to do and see in Avila

Route through Avila:

Ruta por avila

Avila is worth visiting for its Roman-style medieval wall, in perfect condition from end to end. 

Go up Carretera de la Ronda Vieja, park the car and walk through the historic district. We recommend:

  • Walking along the wall: you can go up and walk a section of the perimeter.
  • Visiting the Basilica of San Vicente.
  • Visiting the Cathedral.
  • Visiting Santa Teresa de Jesús Convent.

Nearly as famous as its wall is the Chuletón (T-bone steak) de Avila. Don't leave without trying it. We recommend Restaurante Siglo Doce, next to the cathedral. It might look touristic but the price-to-quality ratio is superb (eating a " chuletón" is not cheap). A complete menu costs 24€. The "judías del barco" (beans), "sopa castellana" (Castilian soup) and, it goes without saying, "Chuletón de Avila" are excellent.