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Where to eat: Restaurants in Salamanca

Tapas in Plaza Mayor:

In Salamanca, for every drink you order in a bar, you get to choose any bar snack you want for free, which means that you can eat on the cheap. To do this, you have to stand at the bar, although some places have tables close to the bar where you can sit (as long as the tables don't have tablecloths; if they do, it means they are reserved for people who plan to order from ...

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Tapas in Salamanca:

Even though we also recommend it for dinner, Mesón Las Conchas (Rua Mayor 16) has the best tapas in Salamanca. You can eat at the bar or at one of the tables next to the bar (the ones without tablecloths). The pork kebab tapa, the "huevos rotos" with chorizo, and the "farinato" (a chorizo-based local favourite) are delicious (Wine + tapa 2.10€, draft beer + tapa ...

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Dinner in Salamanca:

For dinner we recommend Mesón Las Conchas, on Calle Mayor 16. You can sit outside (weather permitting) or in one of the two dining rooms with lots of character. The " parrillada de carne" (grilled meat) is very good (35€, serves 2-3 people). Dinner will run you about 25€ per person. If you want to have dinner in another area, we recommend Calle Van Dick (north of ...

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Breakfast in Salamanca:

If breakfast isn't included in the price of your hotel, we recommend Churrería Graci, on Calle San Pablo 96. It's somewhat odd looking, and it reeks of oil, but the churros with chocolate are first rate. If you don't want to sit inside (your clothes will thank you!), you can always get the churros to go and eat them in the street (churros with chocolate: 2€).

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Drinks in Salamanca:

For an after-dinner drink we recommend heading over to La Posada de las Almas, in Plaza de Sanboal (semicircular street that goes from Calle Zamora to Calle Sol Creciente). In the afternoon it's a nice spot for a coffee, but at night they bring in the tables and it transforms into a lively bar for drinks and dancing (6.50€). At midnight, bars frequented by ...

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