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What to do and see in Cordoba

Visit to the Cordoba Mosque:

Visita a la Mezquita de Córdoba

Brief description: The Old Mosque, today the Cathedral of Córdoba, is the most important monument in the Islamic west and one of the most breathtaking in the entire world. It consists of two differentiated areas. The first is the arcaded courtyard, where Muslims performed their ablutions before entering the temple and where the minaret stood for calling the faithful ...

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Visit to the Alcázar of the Catholic Monarchs:

Alcázar de los Reyes Cristianos, Cordoba

Brief description: The building has served different purposes over the course of its existence. During Roman times, it was a fortress, during the Muslim occupation it was part of the caliph's palace, and after the Christian conquest it became the royal residence. After that it was the headquarters of the Catholic Monarchs before finally being ceded to the Inquisition ...

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Walk through the Jewish Quarter:

Paseo por la Judería, Cordoba

The Jewish Quarter is the most enchanting area in all of Córdoba. Countless alleys criss-cross one another. Lovely houses line the narrow streets, with flowerpots hanging from the balconies and beautiful Andalusian courtyards (if you're lucky, you'll be able to peek in through a half-open door). We recommend wandering through its streets and taking it all in. Don't ...

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Stroll through the city centre:

Paseo por el centro, cordoba

In addition to the Jewish Quarter there are several other areas in the centre worth visiting: If you walk along Calle Blanco Belmonte, which later becomes Ángel Saavedra and then Jesús María, you'll arrive at Plaza Tendillas, which locals refer to as "the centre". It is very typical to stop for a draft beer in Bar Correo, located on Calle Jesús María just ...

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