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What to do and see in Santiago de Compostela

Visit to the Cathedral:

Catedral Santiago de Compostela

Brief description: The Romanesque cathedral of Santiago de Compostela is the fourth building erected on the site of the tomb of St. James the Apostle. After the purported discovery of his remains in the 9th century, a chapel was built, followed by a pre-Romanesque church that was destroyed in 997, in the Muslim invasion of Almanzor. By the 11th century a new basilica ...

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Visit to Plaza del Obradoiro:

Plaza del Obradoiro, Santiago

Plaza del Obradoiro is the monumental centre of Santiago de Compostela. Its Galician name seems to be derived from the workshops of marble quarry workers who worked on the construction of the Baroque facade of the Cathedral, which dominates the square and welcomes the thousands of pilgrims arriving via the Camino de Santiago (Way of St. James). The other buildings in the ...

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Stroll through the historic centre (I):

Paseo 1, Santiago de Compostela

Santiago de Compostela has been an UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1985, and is a pilgrimage city for Catholics. More than visiting monuments and museums, what's special about Santiago is walking through its narrow streets brimming with history and good atmosphere. Depending on where your hotel is, it doesn't really matter where you begin. Still, here are some streets ...

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Stroll through the historic centre (II):

Paseo 2, Santiago de Compostela

Continue on Rúa das Ameas until Praza de Santiago Agostiño. From here, head towards Praza da Pescadería Vella and then Praza de Cervantes. The latter square was known in the 12th century as the forum, as it was a popular meeting point and place where the herald read municipal agreements and ordinances of the archbishop (for this reason, one of its streets is named ...

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Stroll through the historic centre (III):

El centro histórico de Santiago

Return to Plaza de Cervantes. Take a right onto Rúa da Troia, which leads to Plaza de San Miguel dos Agros and Plaza de San Martiño Pinario, dominated by the facade of the church of this imposing monastery. On Rúa da Troia you have Bierzo Enxebre, an inn where if you an order a glass of wine or draft beer, (2€) they serve you delicious and abundant ...

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Visit to Abastos Market:

Brief description: This beautiful market was built in the middle of the 20th century and is divided into nine stone sections. It is the second most visited spot in Santiago after the Cathedral. People from all over the city come here to buy fresh goods, especially meat, fish and seafood. You can also buy cheese and local products, in addition to typical regional ...

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Walk a section of the Camino de Santiago (St. James' Way):

Hacer un trocito del Camino de Santiago

We suggest walking a small section of St. James' Way, which leads pilgrims from the gates of the city to the Cathedral, the so-called " St. James' urban way ". Though you'll have to do it in the opposite direction, starting at the Cathedral, you'll cross numerous pilgrims coming from the French, English or Northern routes and be able to see in their faces the joy of ...

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