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Where to eat: Restaurants in Granada

Dinner in the Albaicín:

If you want to treat yourself to something nice, have dinner at Huerto de Juan Ranas, located just below the San Nicolás viewpoint and with the best views of the Alhambra. It might look like a tourist trap, but it's a classic restaurant, somewhat updated, and has excellent food. The menu is limited. We recommend the "berenjena" (eggplant) in honey and the meat dishes. ...

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Tapas in Plaza Nueva and Elvira Street:

At the bottom of Gómerez Hill, at the corner of Plaza Nueva, you'll see Gran Taberna, a classic spot where for 1.70€ for a draft beer or a soda, they serve excellent tapas. You can eat and drink here only (that's what we would do) or combine it with one of the bars on Calle Elvira. La Castañeda is one of the most typical (draft beer 1.90€), while in La Bella y la ...

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Tapas in the city centre:

To get started, we recommend our favourite restaurant in Granada, Oliver (Plaza de la Pescadería 12), which serves delicious tapas to accompany a draft beer at 1.60€. Next door is Cunini, where excellent complementary fish tapas are served with a glass of wine (2.50€). Close by, in Plaza de Romanilla, is Aguador, where the tapas are also very good.

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Tapas on Calle Navas:

For dinner tonight we recommend tapas on lively Navas Street. You'll probably have to go inside the bars, as the outdoors seating area is usually reserved for people eating dinner (not recommended: the portions are comparably far more expensive). Our favourites on this street are Los Diamantes and Las Copas (draft beer with tapa 1.80? ).

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