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Where to stay: Hotels in Segovia

Recommended hotel in Segovia:

Hotels in Segovia are for the most part old-fashioned but respectable. There are pensions for 50€ but the quality is borderline. We therefore recommend staying in a hotel.

Smart Choice: Hotel La casa Mudéjar.
  • Smart Link: the best are at Booking.
  • Price: 65€ double room, breakfast not included (approx. £54).
  • Address: Isabel La Catolica 8 (half-corner Pl. Mayor), 40001 Segovia. Tel: (+34) 921 466 250. Email:
  • How to get there: If you're coming by car, when you get to the Aqueduct, head up Calle de San Juan. At the end of the street, turn onto Calle de San Agustín and then in Plaza de San Facundo, turn left onto Calle Serafín. Continue to Plaza Mayor. Stop in front of the hotel to drop off your bags. You'll have to find a parking lot or park somewhere in the lower part of the city (ask the front desk). If you are coming by bus, it's best to take a taxi (7 minutes, 5€), as the station is more than 20 minutes away (on foot) and it's rather hilly.
  • Description: Very pleasant, respectable, Mudejar-style hotel, with exquisitely decorated rooms. The best of all is the location on one of the corners of Plaza Mayor.
  • See Spa La casa Mudéjar at TripAdvisor

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