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Where to eat: Restaurants in Seville

Tapas in Santa Cruz and the Arenal:

For lunch we recommend going for tapas in the neighbourhoods of Santa Cruz and Arenal. Try one or two tapas in each bar, depending on how hungry you are. Santa Cruz is the most touristic neighbourhood in the city, so be careful when deciding where to eat. Calle Mateos Gago is the liveliest, though we recommend going a venturing a bit deeper into the neighbourhood and ...

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Tapas in Triana:

We recommend what we refer to as the "golden triangle" of Triana: Start in Cervecería La Grande (C/ San Jacinto 39, the street that branches off from the Triana Bridge). Order a draft beer (caña) for 1.10€ and they'll serve you a plate of 3-4 small delicious boiled shrimp. Continue in La Blanca Paloma (C/Pagés del Corro 86). Order the "queso de cabra a la ...

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Drinks in Triana:

The most typical thing to do for drinks is go to the bars on Calle Betis, such as Zapata (mojitos: 5€). From May to September, Río Grande is open, a spectacular outdoors place next to the San Telmo Bridge (mixed drinks: 7€).

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Breakfast in Seville:

If breakfast isn't included in the price of your hotel, we have two recommendations: Horno San Buenaventura: pastry/coffee shop with more than 3 centuries of history in Seville. In addition to the sweets we recommend the café con leche and half a slice of toast with olive oil and ham (3.25€). There are several in the city. The most centrally located is on Calle ...

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