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What to do and see in Granada

Visit to the Alhambra of Granada:

Visita a la Alhambra de Granada

Brief description: the Alhambra is beyond a doubt the jewel of Granada. It is a large palace and fortress complex built for the monarch and court of the Nazarí dynasty. While visiting the Alhambra is a must, it can be exhausting, due to the heat and the sheer size of the premises. For this reason we recommend taking your time, packing a lot of water, resting whenever ...

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Granada's Cathedral:

Catedral Granada, España

Brief description: Isabella I of Castille (Isabella the Catholic) ordered to built it on top of the main mosque of Granada immediately after the re-conquest. The church is a masterpiece of Spanish Renaissance style. More than the Cathedral itself (we recommend walking around it and seeing it from the outside), it's worth visiting the Capilla Real (Royal Chapel), where ...

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Stroll through the Albaicín:

Alabicín, Granada

The Albaicín is the old Arab quarter of Granada. The best thing to do is exploring its intricate streets and discover its lovely squares. Start on Calle Elvira (leaving from Plaza Nueva), heading up Calle Calderería Nueva on the right. Then continue on Cuesta de San Gregorio until Santa Isabel Real. San Miguel Bajo square (on the left) is stunning. Keep going on ...

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Sunset from the Mirador de San Nicolás:

Mirador de San Nicolás, Granada

This is one of the best spots in Granada to view the Alhambra with the Sierra Nevada in the background. At sunset, the Alhambra takes on its most beautiful colours (check here for sunset times). You can reach it on foot or by taking Microbus no. 31 and getting off at the Plaza de San Nicolás stop.

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Stroll through the Alcaicería and city centre:

Alcaicería, Granada

The Alcaicería is a series of shops and narrow streets devoted mainly to the sale of souvenirs and gifts. It is located between the Cathedral and Plaza Bib-Rambla. In the past it formed part of the souk of the Arab city. It was a closed and well-protected market, the property of the monarch, where silk was delivered in bulk for collecting taxes and to be marked, and ...

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Plaza Nueva:

La Plaza Nueva, Granada

Plaza Nueva is the oldest square in Granada. Several important buildings surround it such as the Real Cancillería (Royal Court), Casa de los Pisa and Santa Ana Church. Plaza Nueva used to be one of the most important centres of the city, where the bulls were run, the game "cañas" was played and tournaments were held. Today it is the neurlagic centre of life in Granada. ...

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Stroll along Carrera del Darro:

Carrera del Darro, Granada

Carrera del Darro is on the left bank of the Darro River. Two brick and stonework bridges, Cabrera Bridge and Espinosa Bridge, cross the river leading to Churra (a neighbourhood between the river and Alhambra Forest) and Almanzora (a neighbourhood extending to Gomérez Hill). Many interesting 16th and 17th century buildings are still intact, and there are also remains of ...

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Bañuelo Arab Baths:

Los Baños Árabes Bañuelo

You don't really need to go in. Hardly anything remains of the baths and it's difficult to imagine what they were like. Still, if they're open, it won't hurt to take a peek (Carrera del Darro 31). Free. The baths are located on the ground floor of a private residence on Carrera del Darro, at the foot of the Alhambra. It is one of the few establishments of its kind ...

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Night of Flamenco:

El Gitano del Sacromonte, Granada, España

The most authentic flamenco show is in Peña la Platería, every Thursday from October to June. The establishment is located in the heart of the Albaicín, in the small square Toqueros, and performances begin at 22:30 (check calendar). Saturdays are reserved for members. The programming is more chaotic but the music is equally authentic at El Tabanco del Tío Gregorio ...

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Visit to the Sacromonte grottos:

Las casas cueva del Sacromonte,Granada

The Sacromonte neighbourhood is famous for its grottoes, where Gypsies still celebrate nightly with flamenco singing and dancing. It was here where the Gypsies accompanying the troops of the Catholic Monarchs who conquered the city settled. Craftsmen worked with wicker, forging and copper, while artists laid the foundations of flamenco. The Gypsy festivity known as ...

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Visit to Barrio del Realejo:

El Realejo de Granada

The Realejo of Granada is the old Jewish Quarter of the Islamic city. We recommend strolling through its narrow streets, passing Plaza Marina, Santo Domingo church (established by the Catholic Monarchs in 1492) and Casa de los Tiros (House of Shots, 16th century, with a stone facade and tower with battlements). Towards sunset, it's nice to walk through Campo del ...

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Stroll through university area (1h):

If you have spare time before leaving, we recommend taking a walk along Calle San Jerónimo to Plaza Universidad, getting to know the centre of the city and experiencing its university atmosphere. Along the way note the interior courtyard of the Conservatorio Superior de Música, an absolute wonder! Continue until Plaza de San Juan de Dios, where you'll find the ...

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