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How to get around Madrid

How to get around Madrid:

The best way to get round Madrid is walking through the city centre and using public transportation if your hotel is far away or the trips are too long. The metro is better than the bus because you avoid traffic and it's easy to use. At each stage of the route we tell you which is the best option.

Public transportation:

Madrid has an extensive metro and bus system that will take wherever you need to go. We recommend the metro, since it's faster and there is no traffic, which can be a pain in Madrid.

We recommend to buy a "Multi" card, which is a non-personal prepaid contanctless card (2,50€) and then charge it with a 10-trip voucher. You can buy the card and charge it from the machines in the entrance to the metro station. A 10-trip voucher costs 18,30€ and it's more convenient because several people can use it at the same time, you don't have to buy a ticket every time your ride the metro, and you'll undoubtedly use all ten trips (a single tickets costs 3€).

There is a Tourist Card, which includes an unlimited number of trips on public transportation in Madrid. There are 5 kinds of season tickets: 1, 2, 3, 5 and 7 calendar days (8,40€, 14,20€, 18,40€, 26,80€ and 35,40€ , respectively for Zona A, or the entire city of Madrid). You'll still need to buy a "Multi" card, but you'll don't have to pay for the 2,50€; it's included if you charge it with the tourist card option. This card is personal, so you'll need one for each person traveling. If your hotel isn't in the centre, this kind of ticket could be convenient. But if your hotel is in the city centre, the previously mentioned 10-day voucher and a single ticket more will be sufficient. 

You will find metro maps at the airport station but just in case you want to take it from home hereby you can download the official map.


Madrid mapa metro