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Where to eat: Restaurants in Sitges

Lunch in Sitges:

Xato Sitges

One of the most famous restaurants in Sitges is Cal Pintxo (Passeig de la Ribera 5, just before Plaza del Baluard). For appetizers, the "Xató de Sitges" (13.50€) and codfish fritters ("buñuelos de bacalao") (11,46€) are very good. For the main course, the Rape (monkfish) Pintxo (29.30€) is excellent, as are the rice with seafood and "arroz negro" (black rice) ...

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Stroll and snack in the city centre:


The centre of Sitges is brimming with lively bars and shops. Go back towards the centre and start up Calle Primer de Maig. Known as "Calle de Pecado" (Sin Street), it is where most of the city's nightclubs are and the centre of gay life in Sitges. Noteworthy are the gay bar Parrots and the bar Prisma (with very nice outdoor seating on the upper level). Now turn right ...

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